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Nothing. While the female in question is still a minor, her parents have authority over her. Unless she is married to the male, her parents do not have to give up custody.

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It's important to seek legal advice to understand your options in this situation. You may need to explore the possibilities of guardianship, custody rights, or other legal avenues to ensure the well-being of the child and the girlfriend. Mediation or family counseling could also help facilitate communication between all parties involved.

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Q: Sons girlfriend is pregnant parents will not give her up to live with mom and son what can you do to make it legal?
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If you live in the US, he has no rights at this point. The first thing he needs to do is check the local laws to determine if he has broken any (ie statutory rape). Then after the child is born he has the right to go to court (if it's necessary) to establish paternity and obtain visitation. Note that his rights extend only to the child, not the child's parent. So, he has no right to see girlfriend if her parents don't allow it (despite the fact that she is pregnant, she's still a minor and therefore subject to the control and supervision of her parents). So if he wishes to continue to see her, I suggest he be real nice to her parents.

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