Sounds are produced by vibration

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Yes, if an object viberates it causes waves in the air (like when trowing a stone into a lake.) When these waves hit your eardrum, it'll vibrate in the same way as the object, your brain turns this vibration into the sense of sound.

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Q: Sounds are produced by vibration
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Who does sound travel in produced vibrations?

sounds travel in all directions caused by vibration of an object.sound can be absorbed by soft fabric.

What characteristic of sounds determined by frequency?

Vibration and rate of vibration.

What is produce sounds?


How do all sounds start?

With a vibration.


the vibration of earth produced by the rapid release of energy

Whispering creates sounds of about?

fast vibration

What are sounds produced?

sounds are produced from vibrations

How is the sound of a clarinet produced?

Vibration of the reed.

WHAT is the vibration produced by the breaking of rock?


Where do sounds come from?

it depends on how big or small the vibration is to determine the sound. The bigger the vibration, the lower the sound is. the smaller the vibration, the higher the sound.

What is produced by irregular and non periodic vibration?

Irregular and non-periodic vibration produce noise.

Can you make sounds with no vibration?

No; sound comes from vibrations.