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Sharks do tend to growl at times while eating visciously.

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What sound does the great white shark?

Only sounds of splashing or snapping of jaws together.

Euro pro shark iron won't turn on?

I know this sounds weird but I think you have to shake the iron side to side..........

What is a Lizark?

a Lizark sounds like it could be a lizard shark cross . . . but I've heard nothing about this species and i don't think it is real .

What eats sharks the most?

i would say people! as strange as it sounds many people eat shark fin soup and enjoy it!

Different types of sharks?

Bull Shark, Tiger Shark, Great White Shark, HammerHead Shark, Basking Shark, Black-Tip Shark, White-Tip Shark, Whale Shark, Zebra Shark, Lemon Shark, Sand Shark, Megalodon Shark, Goblin Shark, Mako Shark, MegaMouth Shark, Angel Shark, Reef Shark, Cow Shark

Names of sharks?

Bull Shark, Nurse Shark, Gray Shark, Tiger Shark, Mako Shark, Great White Shark and more. hammer shark, whale shark and the tresher shark

What are some shark species for each letter of the alphabet?

Some shark species for each letter of the alphabet include the following:A - AngelsharkB - Bignose shark, Bull shark, Bullhead shark, Basking shark, Bramble shark, Blue sharkC - Cow shark, Carpet shark, Catshark, Crocodile sharkD - DogfishE - Epaulette sharkF - Frilled sharkG - Great white shark, Greenland shark, Goblin shark, Gummy shark, Ground sharkH - Hammerhead shark, Horn shark, Hound sharkI - IzakJ - Japanese topesharkK - Kitefin sharkL - Lantern shark, Leopard sharkM - Megamouth shark, Mako shark, Megalodon, Mackerel sharkN - Nurse shark, Night sharkO - Oceanic whitetip sharkP - Pygmy shark, Porbeagle, Pocket sharkQ - Quagga catsharkR - Requiem sharkS - Sleeper shark, Sawshark, SmoothhoundT - Thresher shark, Tiger shark, Tope sharkU - Unknown species of sharkV - Velvet dogfishW - Whale shark, Winghead shark, Weasel sharkX -Y - Yellowspotted catsharkZ - Zebra shark

Can a whale shark be a shark?

yes it can be a shark because it is a shark.

What are some specific shark?

Great White Shark, Tiger Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Sand Shark, Bull Shark

Where do you enter Game Shark codes on a Game Boy Advance?

you buy a gameshark and turn it on. i know this sounds too easy, but that's all you really do...

What is the girls name who had a shark attack while surfing?

Her name is Bethany Hamilton .Sorry but I don't know how to spell her last name but that's how it sounds.

Which is the biggest out of tiger shark, whale shark, and hammerhead shark?

I need to know...

Was Megalodon the biggest shark in the world?

yes, then comes the sleeping shark, and then the whale shark, and then basking shark, great white shark, and then the mako shark, bull shark

What are 20 different sharks?

1. Angel Shark 2. Basking Shark 3. Blacktip Reef Shark 4. Blue Shark 5. Bull Shark 6. Dusky Shark 7. Great white Shark 8. Greenland Shark 9. Hammerhead Shark 10. Leopard Shark 11. Lemon Shark 12. Mako Shark 13. Megamouth Shark 14. Nurse Shark 15. Oceanic WhiteTip Shark 16. Porbeagle Shark 17. Sand Tiger 18. Spiny Dogfish Shark 19. Thresher Shark 20. Whale Shark 21. Whitetip Reef Shark 22. wobbegong Shark 23. Zebra Shark

What are all shark names?

the great white shark, the tiger shark, hammerhead shark, mega-mouth shark, six-gill shark.

What is the least dangerous shark?

it's the basking shark or the horn shark or the hammerhead shark or the zebra shark or the whale sharkIt's the whale shark. Even though it's the largest shark, it eats plankton and you can even hitch a ride on one!The least dangerous shark is definitely no the least dangerous shark!!! The least dangerous shark is the whale shark.

How many different types of sharks are there in the world?

The different types of sharks in the world are the Great White Shark ,Tiger Shark, Whale Shark , Bull Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Goblin Shark, Mako Shark ,Blue Shark, Lemon Shark , Basking Shark Megamouth Shark and the .Prehistoric Sharks

What is a young shark?

a young shark is a shark

How do they get the shark out of the mom shark?

the shark does it by itself

What is the meanest shark?

There is no meanest shark but the shark that has the most aggression is a bull shark

Is the great white shark the bigest shark?

the whale shark is the biggest shark

What is or what was the biggest shark?

The biggest shark was the megaloden a HUGE shark.The biggest shark today would be the Whale Shark.

What sharks are closely related to the Sandbar shark?

The tiger shark, the blue shark, the bull shark, and the milk shark.

What is the worlds slowest shark?

the worlds slowest shark is the tiger shark the worlds slowest shark is the tiger shark

Who is bigger a shark or a tiger shark?

Well a tiger shark is a shark hence the name tiger SHARK so it depends on what type of shark your talking about.

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