Source of energy for cell functions?

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It is biochemical energy obtained by transformation of ATP into ADP.
Generally, the source of energy for cell functions is ATP or Adenosine triphosphate.
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Can a solar cell be an alternative source of energy?

Answer: Yes provided, that its big enough and have good exposure to sunlight, then it can supply charging power to a set of batteries that is connected to an invertor to invert the batteries DC power, to mains AC, preferably a sine wave to drive induction motors and transformers, a square wave tend ( Full Answer )

What is function of energy in cell?

Almost all cellular functions require the cell to have energy.Cells need energy to grow, move, and clean out bad bacteria

Is fuel cell a renewable source of energy?

No, it is not a renewable source of energy. . Fuel cell is a means of storage energy, for example hydrogen can be produced from any primary energy source; renewable (as solar energy) or exhaustible (as coal or oil) and then stored as energy in the fuel cell. When energy is needed later on as elect ( Full Answer )

What is the carbohydrate sugar that is the major source of energy for the cell?

The major immediate carbohydrate source of energy for the cell is glucose . The ultimate carbohydrate source may be another compound, such as sucrose (the sugar people put in a cup of tea, use in baking cakes, and so on), or starch , which occurs in many plant foods. These other compou ( Full Answer )

How can cells use a energy source without oxygen?

They use energy from carbon -di-oxide & it is known as anaerobic respiration.It occurs in the absence of oxygen & release 2 molecules of ATP from one glucose molecule. It also produces alcohol & lactic acid

What is the main source of energy for cells?

The main source of energy for cells is from food. And the preferredfood by your body is carbohydrates, even if that is not the onlything you should eat.

What is the energy source of a cell?

mitochondria in animals and chloroplasts in plants (these produce ATP [adenosine triphosphate] which is coupled to endothermic reacitons to provide the necessary activation energy)

What is the cells main source of energy?

Mitochondria are the sites of cellular respiration. The produce energy units called ATP -AdenosineTriphosphate via a process called oxidative phosphorilation. Hence mitochondria are called the 'power house' of the human cells.

Are fuel cells a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

Fuel cells are a manufactured item and are not renewable. The fuel that is used in the fuel cells can either be renewable (alcohol, methane from waste digestion,hydrogen from wind or solar conversion of water) or non-renewable (Hydrogen or methane from oil and gas production, alcohol from industri ( Full Answer )

Is a solar cell an energy source?

A solar cell is not an energy source, but an energy converter. In the case of solar, the energy source is light, and the solar cell converts it from light energy to electrical energy.

What is the ultimate energy source for the cell?

Basically, the ultimate source of energy for anything on earth can be considered solar energy. Moreover, on a wider outlook, the ultimate source of energy for the stars, galaxies and all could be the big bang which formed matter in this universe

What energy necessary for cell function is produced by the cell?

We the body digests the food we eat and stores glucose. Cells turn glucose into ATP, and utilizing this as chemical energy, the cell performs the various chemical reactions which allow it to carry out its function. From A set of 10 enzymes allows a cell to perform glycolysis . ( Full Answer )

What chemical do cells use as an immediate source of energy?

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is often referred to as the cells' "battery substance" because it is used as a coenzyme in reactions that require energy. It is produced in cellular respiration (using nutrients) from AMP (~ monophosphate) and ADP (~ diphosphate); in this process it basically gains pho ( Full Answer )

What is the Most important energy source for a cell?

I would guess water, but I'm not 100% sure. improved answer: water is a medium in which reactions take place, the answer to the most important energy source for a cell is discussable, the main way to intake energy is by breaking down glucose, but one might argue that starch and fats would be more ( Full Answer )

What organelle captures energy the cell needs to carry out its functions?

In plants and a few other organisms that can do photosynthesis, the organelle that uses the energy from sunlight to form chemical bonds (namely,glucose) and thus "capture" energy is the chloroplast. The energy in the bonds of these compounds (glucose) can later be released during the process of cell ( Full Answer )

What release energy from sugar to power cell functions?

It depends on what type of cells you're talking about. Assuming that you are talking about humans, the process is called cellular respiration. The first step is glycolysis, where glucose is split into two molecules of pyruvic acid. This occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell. This pyruvic acid then ent ( Full Answer )

How ATP is converted to perform its function as source of energy?

ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate. This means that there are 3 phosphate groups in the molecule, which are linked to the adenosine with very high energy covalent bonds. Whenever any of these phosphate groups' bonds is broken, it releases all of the energy that was involved in the bond. It is con ( Full Answer )

How do cells obtain the energy they need to carry out all their functions?

From yourself. You have to eat to not starve, rigth? The digestive system starts with you. Your mouth and teeth work together to grind down food. Then you swallow when the food is small enough to trave down your throat. Swallowing makes a piece a cartiledge in your throat move downward. Muscels in y ( Full Answer )

How does the structure of ATP make it and ideal source of energy for the cell?

Adenosine triphosphate is made up of adenosine (adenine +ribose) and three phosphate groups. The energy store in the molecule is caused by the electron configuration. The three phosphate groups have a total of 4 negative charges confined in a small area. These charges repel each other, so this makes ( Full Answer )

What renewable energy source has PV cells?

PV probably stads for 'photo-voltaic'. If that is the case then the answer is solar power as photo-voltaic cells are a crucial component of solar panels.

Do cells need energy to function?

To function yes, otherwise they die. Some cell types might be able to survive in a state of dormancy for a while without energy though.

What directly provides the energy needed for the cell functions?

adenosine triphosphate provides energy needed for cellular functions energy is released when one of the three phosphate groups break off, releasing energy and resulting in a low-energy adenosine diphosphate. This molecule is reconstructed into ATP at the near end of the Krebs cycle, when the contr ( Full Answer )

What are energy sources that cells use?

One would be "adenosine triphosphate", which is carried by mitochondria (along with DNA of course) to the cells nucleus within eukaryotic cells.

What produces energy cells need to carry out functions?

The cell mitochondria get their energy thru the processes associated with Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Since ATP can't be stored, it gets recycled by the body many times each day. This process is facilitated by the presence of a simple sugar known as D-Ribose. For more technical info, see the Wikip ( Full Answer )

Which macro nutrient is the major source of energy for cell processes?

Sugar is used by cells and is the preferred source of energy. The human body is best suited for glucose, however, other sugars will be used for energy as well. If something is composed of complex carbohydrates it will be broken down into simple sugars and absorbed by the body.

Is glucose the major source of energy for cells?

When referring to cells in a human body, it depends on where those cells are, for instance the heart runs off of the TCA cycle, eating away only at fats, where the brain runs solely on glucose and ketone bodies. Glucose is not necessarily the only major sources of energy, although is is very impo ( Full Answer )

What two macromolecules are used as the primary source of energy for cellular functions?

The molecule that is the primary source of energy in all cells isATP, which is definitely not a macromolecule. The molecule that is the primary source of energy in cells formaking ATP from ADP is glucose, which is definitely not amacromolecule. Macromolecules that can be metabolized for energy (star ( Full Answer )