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The spanish translation for the word but is many different things. I think the correct and respectful way to say it is Trasero. TRA-Se-rro

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How do you say get your butt over here in Spanish?

The Spanish say it more politely: "Ven aqui", which means "come here". There is no direct Spanish translation for, "Get your butt over here".

How do you say give me some food but not from your butt in spanish?

Translation: Dame comida, pero no de tus nalgas.

What is the Spanish translation of Not?

No is the translation of not in spanish.

How do you say great butt in Spanish?

Culo grande is how you say great butt in Spanish.

What is the Spanish translation for says?

Spanish translation for says is dice

What is translation for Spandex in Spanish?

The translation for spandex in Spanish is: licra.

What is the spanish translation for mom?

The spanish translation for mom is madre (mother).

What is Spanish translation for you I did not know?

The Spanish translation for "I did not know" is "Yo no sabia"

What is the translation of cafe in spanish?

La cafetería is the translation of cafe in Spanish.

What is pwet?

English translation of pwet: butt

What is the translation for happy in Spanish?

en: happy, translation in Spanish (es) = feliz

Spanish translation for Don't eat?

The spanish translation for "don't eat" is "no comas"

What is the Spanish translation for the word ekphrastic?

The Spanish translation of the word "ekphrastic" is "ecfrástico"

How do you say translation in Spanish?

Translation: Traducción

What is the Spanish translation for ten thousandths?

the spanish translation for "ten thousandths" is "diez mil"

Spanish translation for so long?

The spanish translation for "so long" is "asta luego"

What is the translation for Rosie in Spanish?

Rosie is the same in Spanish as in English, but the Latin translation is Rose

The Spanish Translation for you are in Love?

The Spanish translation for "Are you in love?" is "Estas enamorado?" Hope this helps :)

What is Jordan in Spanish?

There is no translation for Jordan in Spanish.

Spanish for She?

the translation for she into spanish is: Ella

What's the Spanish translation for 'which countries speak Spanish'?

which countries speak Spanish = cuales Paises ablan Espalñol (English to Spanish translation)

Whats the Spanish translation to approach?

The Spanish translation of "to approach" is "acercar" (ah-sehr-CAR).

What is the spanish translation for the name josiah?

The Spanish translation of Josiah is Josías(Ho-SEE-ahs).

The spanish translation for Wednesday.?

The Spanish translation for Wednesday is miercoles, with an accent over the first e.

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