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The spark plugs for a 1996 GMC Jimmy should have a gap of .060 inches or .040 inches, depending on the actual spark plug. Some plugs are factory set and you do not need to set the gap.


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.044 is the spec, i suggest use KNG spark plug brand .044 is the spec, i suggest use KNG spark plug brand

RD350 Spark plug gap & Plug spec. 0.022 to 0.025" NGK B8HS

The correct spark plug gap for a 84 suzuki lt50 is 0.028 this is the factory spec.

Check the service manual for proper torque spec.

The spark plug torque spec range is between 6 and 10 ft/lbs.

The spark plug gap should be set to the manufacturers spec, regardless of vehicle.

The 1995 Geo Metro spark plug torque specification is 20 pounds. You should torque the spark plug intent pound intervals.

removed plug wire, remove spark plug, gap new plug to spec. and reinstall. Repeat for every other cylinder. Would recommend replacing plug wires, cap and rotor when replacing spark plugs.

.031 is good. (Spec. = .030 to .035)

you must mean seting the right gap on each spark plug get gadge at any parts store and set to manufactures spec

Plug gap is 0.7---0.8mm,or .028"---.032"(28 to 32 thou)

go to the spare shop and ask for a spec sheet of your car . and it should be under the gap clearance section of the spec sheet

most likely cause is damaged threads on the head or plug the plug was not tightened to proper torque spec either too loose or too tight

.044 inch , according to ford parts . com ( it should show the spark plug gap on the vehicle emission control information decal in the engine compartment )

Don't know if this spec is for all brands, but for Bosch brand, it's .044"

The area on a spark plug where the spark takes place. Spark plug gap is the distance that energy must breech to complete an electrical circuit. It varies fron manufacturer to manufacturer but plug gap must be correct to within .003" to meet spec. Any plug that is out of spec. more than .003" should be replaced. Regular maintaince dictates this interval, any plug left too long during the course of service, that excedies OEM spec. can (and will) cause premature ignition system failure. The larger the spark jump the more energy required, the more energy required, more heat is produced. Car igition systems operate at 50,000 + volts. Thousands of an inch can leave you stranded. Most importantly, modern DIS (ignition) systems can cost hundereds of dollars to fix when pushed beyond intended threshold. GM Licensed Mechanic, Ryan

Go down the line, power from plug wire teminal, harness, magnetic pickup, and continuity (spec) from stator. Find your short, get your spark back.

vitually all spark plugs are pre-gapped today, eliminating the need for this. If for some reason you do need this info, go to the library and look it up in Chilton's, or online.

Check the Vehicle Emissions Control Information ( VECI ) decal located in the front of the engine compartment ( it will show the type of spark plugs to use and the spark plug gap )

it varies by year and model, most are .060, the spec should be on emission label somewhere on hood or engine compartment

You can test their resistance with an ohmeter to see if within spec. It is so much per foot and if exceeds that, replace.

torque spec on the oil drain plug on a 2.9 ford ranger?

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