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Q: Speaking of the compromise of 1850 where was slavery prohibited?
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Was slave trade but not slavery prohibited in the District of Columbia?

Yes, the slave trade was indeed prohibited in the District of Columbia in 1850 through the passage of the Compromise of 1850. However, slavery itself remained legal in the District until it was abolished with the passage of the 13th Amendment in 1865.

What was the compromise of 1950?

There is not a Compromise of 1950 but there is a Compromise of 1850. The Compromise of 1850 consists of five laws passed in September of 1850 that dealt with the issue of slavery.

Which statement is trueThe Missouri Compromise postponed the issue of slavery?

The Missouri Compromise postponed the issue of slavery.

Where did the compromise of 1850 abolish slavery?

It abolished slavery in Texas.

Which compromise outlawed slavery south of missouris southern border?

compromise of 1850

What was the Slavery restriction clause in the Missouri Compromise?


Did the compromise of 1850 resolved the slavery issue?

yes or no

What evidence is there on the map to show a past Compromise of 1850?

The compromise of 1850, territories were opened to slavery. Utah and new Mexico

Do you thnk the compromise of 1850 was a good solution explain your answer?

I think the compromise of 1850 was a good solution because slavery is just wrong.

The compromise of 1850 did not provide for?

the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia

Was the Compromise of 1850 pro-slavery or antislavery?


What did the Compromise of 1850 offer people who supported slavery?

The Compromise of 1850 offered the Fugitive slave act to supporters of slavery. This meant that if a slave ran away he could be caught by his owner.