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Oozing lava forms flat mounds they are called shield volcanoes.

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Are shield volcanoes and volcanoes the same?

Not necessarily. Shield volcanoes are volcanoes, but not all volcanoes are shield volcanoes.

What special features does Uranus have?

One special feature on Uranus is volcanoes.

Why are shield volcanoes called shield volcanoes?

Shield volcanoes is called shield volcanoes because of the base, the base is wide and it's like a warrior shield so that's why it's called shield volcano.

Do shield volcanoes erupt?

Yes, all volcanoes erupt, but shield volcanoes don't have explosive eruptions.

Why are shield volcanoes named shield volcanoes?

Because if you look at them from above, they look like a warrior's shield.

Are shield volcanoes tall?

No. Compared to composite and cinder cone volcanoes, shield volcanoes are very short. Mauna Loa in Hawaii is a shield volcano.

Are shield volcanoes dangerous?

Shield volcanoes, are not particularly dangerous. Though shield volcanoes erupt very often, they normally don't pose danger as significant as other types of volcanoes.

Why are Hawaiian volcanoes shield volcanoes?

The Hawaiian volcanoes are shield volcanoes as they are broadly-sloping and composed of layers formed by basaltic lava flows.

Pyroclasic materials from shield volcanoes?

Pyroclastic flows don't come from shield volcanoes. They come from cinder cone and sometimes composite volcanoes. Shield volcanoes only erupt runny lava.

What are Venus's special features?

It has many volcanoes on it, and it has swirling poisiness clouds around it.

What kind of lava do shield volcanoes have?

Shield volcanoes generally erupt basaltic lava.

What kind of magma do shield volcanoes have?

Shield volcanoes are usually fed by basaltic magma.

What are two types of volcanoes?

composite volcanoes and shield volcanoes

Kind of volcanoes?

There are cone and shield volcanoes.

Are there shield volcanoes on mercury?

No. There are no volcanoes on Mercury.

How are shield volcanoes and composite volcanoes alike?

Both shield and cinder cone volcanoes primarily erupt basaltic lava.

Is there such things as shield volcanoes?

Yes. Shield volcanoes are large volcanoes with broad, shallows slopes composed of many layers of basaltic lava flows. The Hawaiian islands are made up of shield volcanoes.

What are shield volcanoes made of?

Shield volcanoes are composed mostly of layers of basaltic lava flows.

What are some effects of Shield Volcanoes?

A hazard from shield volcanoes is burning of trees, homes, etc.

Is the shield volcano the smallest?

No. Shield volcanoes are quite large. Cinder cones are the smallest volcanoes.

What type of rock makes shield volcanoes?

Basaltic/mafic lava creates shield volcanoes.

Do shield volcanoes have high viscosity?

No. Shield volcanoes are fed by low-viscosity basaltic magma.

Do shield volcanoes contain mafic or felsic lava?

Shield volcanoes erupt mafic lava.

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