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6- approx. 8 1/2 inches long

7- approx. 9 inches long

8- approx. 9 1/2 inches long

9- approx. 10 inches long 10- approx. 10 1/2 inches long

...and so on.

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How does sperry topsiders fit?

true to size

Do sperry topsiders run true to size?


Do Sperry Topsider Shoes run true to size?

They run a little large

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Australian dress size 20 is changed to UK dress size is still size 20, but 18 of US/CA standard. When you purchase products like clothing, shoes, you have to check the size carefully. Usually, there may be two kind of size chart, one is called size conversion chart, like you asked. The other is size chart of products, which shoes how large the bust, waist and hips of the products of a particular size. Try to use products size chart but not size conversion chart.

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Yes. You show problably get one size smaller than normal.

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Where can you find sperry topsider Bahamas plaid size 9 and a half for 30-40 dollars in springfield mall va?

I got mine at and my brother got his by searching sperry topsider into google and he ordered some.

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U can get size chart on nordstroms site directly ! Look for jkara

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There is a sizing chart available at Make sure you take the right measurements of your body and then refer to the chart.

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A tire conversion chart offers a lot of information that is specified to your tire size. It is self-explanatory as tire size conversion charts are easy to read.

Does Hurley have a wetsuit size chart?

I'm disappointed to say that Hurley does a POOR job listing it's size chart for wetsuits!! Agreed. I bought another brand.

Is there a shoe size conversion chart for youth to women's?

what is size 6.5 youth in womens

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There is no age-chart for breast size.

What size is 3T in French sizes?

Sizes chart in French

What is the Indian XL Dress size in the US Chart?


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With a protractorif it is a computer generated pie chart, find the fraction, and divide into 360

Are baseball and football jersey sizes the same?

Not usually. Also, there is no industry standard for sizes from brand to brand. Each manufacturer usually provides a size chart. Go by the size chart and you should be able to find the right size.

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go on line and look at a size chart or just try them on at the store

What is the average testicle size for a 13-year old?

Print out the size chart online and measure :)

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