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State motto of Delaware?

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"Liberty and Independence"

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What is the state motto of Delaware?

The Delaware state motto is "Liberty and Independence"

What is the motto of Delaware State University?

The motto of Delaware State University is 'Making our mark on the world'.

How did Delaware get its motto?

Delaware's motto is "Liberty and Independence." It was given by the Order of the Cincinnati in recognition of the fact that Delaware was the first state of the Union.

What is Delaware Geological Survey's motto?

Delaware Geological Survey's motto is 'Geologic and hydrologic research and exploration for Delaware'.

Can you see the state motto of Delaware?

Yes it appears on the State Flag as a banner on which is inscribed "Liberty and Indepence".

What is the Motto of Delaware and why?

On December 7, 1787, Delaware became the first stat to make the United States Constitution official. There motto became "Liberty and Independence" which appears on their state flag as well.

What was the First state to approve the constitution?

Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution on December 17, 1787. That is why the state motto is "The First State"

What is the motto of Delaware Military Academy?

Delaware Military Academy's motto is 'Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship'.

What is the motto of Delaware County Community College?

Delaware County Community College's motto is 'Find yourself here.'.

What is the motto of Newark High School Delaware?

Newark High School - Delaware -'s motto is 'Excellence is the Expectation'.

What is Delaware Valley School District's motto?

The motto of Delaware Valley School District is 'Educating for life's journey.'.

What is Wesley College Delaware 's motto?

The motto of Wesley College - Delaware - is 'Delaware's Oldest Private College'.

What is the motto of Dover High School Delaware?

The motto of Dover High School - Delaware - is 'D-High, U Know'.

Where is the first state of the us?

The "First State " of the US is thought to be Delaware, because it was the first state that ratiied the new US Constitution. Delaware's state motto is "The First State."

What is the motto of St. Andrew's School Delaware?

St. Andrew's School - Delaware -'s motto is 'Pistis Kai Episteme'.

What is University of Delaware's motto?

The motto of University of Delaware is 'Scientia Sol Mentis Est'.

When did Pa state motto become a state motto?

The Pennsylvania state motto "Virtue, liberty, and Independence" became a state motto in 1875.

When did the New Jersey state motto becoe a state motto?

The New Jersey state motto "Liberty and prosperity" became the state motto in 1928.

What is the state slogan for Delaware?

The state slogan for Delaware is "Liberty and Independence". It is the state slogan because Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution.

What is the state snack of Delaware?

Delaware has no official state snack.

What is the state drink of Delaware?

The state drink of Delaware is milk.

What state number is Delaware?

Delaware was the first US State.

What is the name of the Delaware state flag?

Delaware state flag.

Is Delaware still a state?

Yes, Delaware is still a state.

What is the state soil of Delaware?

The state soil of Delaware is Greenwich.

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