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I'm pretty sure you have to be 18 to move out. That is the legal age (to be considered an adult). 16- minor

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Q: State of Georgia can you move out at 16?
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Can you move out of your parents' house at 17 in the state of Georgia?

You can legally leave your parents house at 16.

If you are pregnant and get married at 16 can you move in with your husband with out parents permission in Georgia?

if i am prenant and et married at sixteen to the babys father could i move in with him with out my paents permission in the state off Georgia?

Can a 16 year old move with her boyfriend if he can provide for her without her parent's consent in the state of Georgia?

No, you have to be 17 to leave home without parental consent in Georgia.

In the state of Georgia can a 17 year old move out on their own?

its up to the parents in the state of georgia.

Can a 16 year old move out of her father that has full custody of hers house and in to her mothers house?

Well that just depends on the laws of that state. Here in Georgia you can move out at 16 as long as you are not in school.

In the state of Georgia is it ok for a 17 year old girl to move in with a 26 guy that's her boyfriend?

The age of consent in Georgia is 16, so there is nothing illegal about it.

What are the legal rights of a 16 year old in the state of Georgia?

How old do you have to be to move out? How old do you have to be to have a baby without getting introuble with the law? How old do you have to be to get maried legally in Georgia?

Can you move out of the house in the state of Georgia if you are 15 years old going on 16?

In Georgia you must have a court order or your parents permission. As a minor your parents are still responsible for you.

Can you move out of your parents house at 16 in the state of Georgia?

No. You are a minor until the age of 18. If you leave at 16 without parents permission you can be legally considered a runaway.

Can you move out at the age 17?

I know you can in the State of Georgia not sure about anyother state.

What if the female is 16 in Georgia and the male is 17 in Georgia can she move out or can he be charged with something?

The age of consent is 16 in GA so they are safe but she can not move out unless she have parental permission or emancipation by the court.

Can you legally move out at the age of 16 without you parents permission in Georgia?

Legally in Georgia you must be 18.

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