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Stationary objects are a result of equal forces(in terms of magnitude) from all sides.

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Objects in motion are the result of what force?

Objects in motion are the result of unbalanced forces.

What are the result of force in the stationary object?

A force, F, applied to a mass, m, will start to accelerate at the rate F/m. If the mass was stationary prior to the force, it will start moving in the direction of the force.

What are 5 effects of force on the objects?

When a force acts on an object, it can result in three possible effects - acceleration, deceleration, or balance (no impact).The effect of the force can change the following things:size,shape,stationary state,speed anddirection of the object.

How do objects fall?

Objects fall as a result of the downward force of gravity.

Which force resits motion between objects that are in contact?

The force that resists motion between objects that are in contact is called friction. One object can be stationary or they both can move.

What is the definition of the push of air force?

Force on moving object by air friction: velocity2 * objects drag coefficient > Force on stationary object by wind: wind speed2 * objects drag coefficient

Stationary objects are the result of what force?

inertia - an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force/an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an outside force hoped this answers your question ---> Balanced forces

What is a stationary force?

A stationary force is when an object will not move.

How does force affect stationary objects of different masses?

Force accelerates stationary masses as acceleration a=f/m; theacceleration is inverse to the mass. The smaller the mass the larger the acceleration and the larger the mass the smaller the acceleration.

What can force do on objects?

Force will move a stationary object. It will also increase or decrease the speed (accelerate or decelerate) of a moving object. The acceleration or deceleration is proportional to the force applied.

What are stationary objects?

A stationary object is an object that doesn't move.

What effect a force has on stationary object?

If an object is stationary the net force is zero.

An unbalanced force will not change an objects motion?

If the forces on an object are unbalanced then the objects motion will change. It will start accelerating in the direction of the resultant force. Only objects that have balanced forces will remain in the same motion (stationary or moving at a constant speed).

What are forces that result in no change in an objects velocity?

The strong nuclear force. The weak nuclear force.

What is the definition of unbalanced forces?

When a force is pushing on another force with either more power or less power. As a result, one of the objects moves.When a force is pushing on another force with either more power or less power. As a result, one of the objects moves.

What stationary starts with the letter a?

Abbey, accordion, armory, auditorium and alley are stationary objects. Additional stationary objects include arena, avenue, apartment and archway.

How can friction move stationary objects?

friction can not move stationary objects, it just opposes the relative motion between them.

What effects do forces have on objects?

A force can stop a moving object or set a stationary object in motion. it can reduce or increase the speed of the object

What effect do balanced forces have on stationary objects?

None. There is no effect on a stationary object.

What does the strength of the gravitational pull between two objects depends on?

On the masses (more masses will result in more force), and on the distance (a greater distance will result in less force).

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