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Q: Steps in breaking down mountain rocks and depositing sand silt and clay in different places hundreds of miles away?
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What are the steps involved in breaking down mountain rocks and depositing the sand silt and clay in different places?

the rock is first weathered into small pieces which are then transported by wind, ice or water and finally deposited elsewhere as layers of sediment

What is the name of the mountain in north America?

There are hundreds of mountains in North America.

Are there more mountain ranges than continents in the world?

yes, there are only 7 continents and hundreds of mountain ranges, large and small

What Mountain ranges are near Pensacola?

In all honesty, Pensacola is on the gulf coast, is relatively flat, and has no mountain ranges within hundreds of miles.

How is a mountain range different from a mountain system?

They are made up of different things and differ in size.

Is it true that there is only one loch in Scotland?

No, there are hundreds of lochs in Scotland but there is a mountain called Lochnagar.

What side of the mountain in Norway is Oslo on?

We have hundreds of mountains. There are no mountains in the Oslo area, only hills.

How old are the Appalachians?

The Appalachian Mountain Range is estimated to be 300 millions years old, when Pangaea was breaking off into Laurasia and breaking further into Africa and North America.

Are there any mountains in West Europe?

There are many mountain ranges in western Europe and so there are hundreds of mountains.

Explain the steps involved in breaking down mountain rock?

The steps involved in breaking down mountain rock is called weathering. Weathering takes place naturally and is caused by wind, rain, ice, snow, and rivers. This breaks rocks into large pieces that continue to break down.

Is a fold mountaon a volcanic mountain?

No it isn't, they are both different types of mountain.

Is mountain stardard time the same as central?

no mountain and central time are different