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Compounding a prescription for a small amount of prescribed medicine usually only occurs when it is a very specialized medication. There are several steps in compounding that include calculating the ingredients, gathering the proper ingredients, formulating the compound per the instructions of the doctor, labeling the medicine and making final preparations for the customer.

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Is Nuva Ring a compound prescription?

It's an off-the-shelf prescription. It doesn't need to be compounded in a compounding pharmacy.

Is their is antibiotic suppository?

Yes, there is. One will need to bring a prescription to a compounding pharmacy.

What type of prescription balance must be used for compounding 120 mg of a 1 percent topical anti fungal cream?

Class A prescription balance

Is yaz a compound prescription?

Yaz is manufactured in factories, not compounded in a compounding pharmacy. It is a combination birth control pill

Where can I purchase Non prescription armor thyroid?

I believe a prescription is required unfortunately.

What has the author Harry C Gray written?

Harry C. Gray has written: 'Gray's prescriptionist. A treatise on the art of reading and compounding physicians' prescriptions' -- subject(s): Prescription writing, Drug Compounding, Drug Prescriptions, Weights and Measures

Is a prescription required for Viagra in Canada?


If someone has required medication, health insurances must cover the whole prescription.?

If someone has required medication, health insurances must cover the whole prescription.

Mechanics of compounding in an annuity?

mechanics and compounding

What is required on a prescription label?

at least pen and paper

Is Topamax a otc drug?

No. A prescription is required for Topomax.

Is remeron a controlled substance?

No, it is not. It is considered a prescription drug however, so in some pharmacies you may required to have a prescription from a doctor.

What steps are required for locating device drivers for a laptop?


Is a prescription required for oral rinse with chlorhexidine?

Yes, in the united states.

Steps of a proof?

Yes, they are required.

What is the necessary of compounding in turbines?

compounding of turbines is necessary to make the turbines practically controllable.If compounding is not done the size of the turbine will be huge.Hence by pressure &velocity compounding the turbine becomes small in size &its velocity is also becomes controllable.

How can you find a compounding pharmacy in Mexico?

names and phone of compounding pharmacies in Mexico City

What is the minimum number of steps required for a contraption in the Rube Goldberg contest?

20 steps was minimum amount of steps.

Is codeine otc?

Codeine is not an over the counter drug. A prescription is required or the pharmacist must determine if the codeine is required for the patient.

What is required on a prescription?

On a prescription for a non-narcotic, here are the following requirements - Date prescription is written - Name of patient - Drug (with strength) to be dispensed - Directions on how to take medication - Amount to be dispensed - Doctors signature

Do you need a prescription for meridia?

Yes a prescription is required as Meridia is classified under the weight control category. More pertinent info can be found @

Extemporaneous compounding is a type of compounding performed when?

A dosage form not commercially available is made by a pharmacy.

Where is continuously compounded interest used?

I think most banks use daily compounding, but you could use the continuous compounding to approximate daily compounding and be off by less than 0.2%

The accurate measurement of vertex distance during refractometry is required for what?

all refractive prescription

What is the interest on 1200 invested for 2 years in an account that earns 5 percent interest per year?

The answer, assuming compounding once per year and using generic monetary units (MUs), is MU123. In the first year, MU1,200 earning 5% generates MU60 of interest. The MU60 earned the first year is added to the original MU1,200, allowing us to earn interest on MU1,260 in the second year. MU1,260 earning 5% generates MU63. So, MU60 + MU63 is equal to MU123. The answers will be different assuming different compounding periods as follows: Compounding Period Two Years of Interest No compounding MU120.00 Yearly compounding MU123.00 Six-month compounding MU124.58 Quarterly compounding MU125.38 Monthly compounding MU125.93 Daily compounding MU126.20 Continuous compounding MU126.21

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