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No published sn data that I know of.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-06 23:39:37
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Q: Stevens 311 H ser no A-272779 age?
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What is value Stevens SS 410ga APR 1915 ser h40414?

what is stevens model 311 410ga s/n h40414

What is the age of j Stevens tool and arms company 32 short crack shot ser.?

Please include the model number and serial number if it can be seen to get a accurate age to your rifle.

What year was your Stevens model 94H ser A229321?

Contact Savage Customer Service through their website. They bought Stevens in 1920, and it is part of their company.

Who made premier 22 caliber pump rifle ser 28990?

Mossbergt, Savage or Stevens depending on specifics.

What can you telll me about a S and W 32 long pistol Ser?

I Have a .32 long ctg seR# 2467 what can you tell me about it. Age, value?

What is the age of a colt saa caliber 41 ser 136125?


What is the age of us revolver ser 15282?

No published sn data

What is the age Winchester mod 12 ser 327956?

Made in 1923.

How old is your shot gun springfield mod 67h ser no a146074?

The Springfield/Stevens model 67 shotgun dated from 1986-1989.

What is the age of two winchesters model 94 32WS ser 1347496 model 1892 44WCF ser 28679?

How old was Leonardo's dad when he died?

Ser Piero died at the age of 76.

What is the age of colt cobra 38 ct6 ser no 7318 lw?

about 1953

How did Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci die?

old age

What is the age of 22 browning pump ser?

No way to answer without a serial number.

What is the age model 11 ser num 7638?

1905 (first year)

Age of browning 12ga made in Belgium ser?

No serial number provided.

What is age of S and W ser bhs 1xxx?

Bhs should be 91/92

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson Model 14-0 ser?

No serial number = no answer.

What is the age of a belgium browning 22 cal rifle ser?

No way to answer without the sn

What is the age of a colt m1911 a1 ser 2749612?

You must call Colt to find out.

What is the age of your s and w us service ctgs ser?

No serial number provided

What is the age and value of a ruger 22 cal single six ser no 440873?


What is the age of a 3 inch magnum Stevens Model 77F pump shotgun with a full choke and no serial number?

Answer Stevens pump shotguns mod77i may be able to help you narrow it down a little i carried a Stevens model 77e in Vietnam in 1967 with the 25 th inf.div. so i think yours was made after 1967 probally before 1970 w/o ser# its impossible to tell if it is blued its probally civilian if grey or dull black finish.military issue.

Where is ser?

'ser' = to be

Have doublebarrelshotgun no markings just serial number?

Stevens made a sxs in the 1950 ca that had no model number. I have one that has ser# H20531. Howard Fitzpatrick <