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Safety first.

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Q: Stevens model 87B repeating rifle safety is opposite of other guns be carefull?
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Who was the black engineer who contributed to public safety?

kalajieha stevens

What is the opposite of risk?


What is the opposite of proactive in health and safety?

In health and safety, as in many other areas, the opposite of proactive is reactive.

How many points is a safety worth in football?

a safety is worth 2 points for the opposite team.

What is the opposite of danger?

The opposite of danger (presence of hazards) would be safety or security.

What is the opposite of an unsafe situation?

the opposite of unsafe situation is safety , comfortable , relaxed.

What is the opposite of dangerously?

The opposite of danger (presence of hazards) would be safety or security.

What is the opposite of safety?

danger, risk, hazard

Find antonym of safety?

The antonyms (opposite) for safety include danger, jeopardy, vulnerability, and exposure.

Is hazardous an antonym?

Yes. Hazardous is opposite of safety. Safety having no danger where hazardous is a risk or danger.

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1994 jeep wrangler yj 4-cylinder automatic?

It is located on the transmission. You can bypass it but be carefull because the vehicle will start up in gear.

Why won't the pump action work on a Stevens 620 shotgun?

Did you push the little button next to the safety?

Stevens model 520?

It is one type of gun.It has 2 step squared off reciver with " J stevens arm copany" stamped on the left side and the safety located inside the trigger guard.

How can you fail hunters safety?

Do the opposite of what you are told. Break one of the major rules.

What is the opposite of terror?

The opposite situation would be security or safety. The opposite of experiencing terror would be having reassurance. A "lack of terror" would be tranquility, calm, or peace.

What is the opposite of safe in scientific terms?

unsafe the lack or absence of safety

What is the opposite word of safety?

I am a secondary school teacher an love answering question such as this one.The opposite of safety in fact is danger. Although this is quite obvious, the dictionary , thesaurus and other websites keep this well disguised. So that's your answer: DangerHope my answer helped.

Why won't my Stevens model 67 series E shotgun won't let me rack a shell into the chamber?

Look on the left hans side where the butt stock meets the metal,and you will see a little lever.It acts like a safety,try pushing or pulling it with the gun safety off and should let you rack then.

What are the 3 safety tips for having a safe and happy Halloween?

1)Be carefull on who you allow your child to get candy from. 2)Stay on a sidewalk unless crossing a street with an guardian. (11 or under) 3)Try your best to stay in your safe neighborhood where people know you.

How would one remove the bolt on a Stevens 59A Bolt action 410 shotgun?

AnswerTry pressing the safety down or inward while pulling the bolt rearwardMy 59A has an external screw/pin that must be removed, then the bolt will slide right out.

Did the safety and the touchback positions in football have opposite definitions at one time?

Safety and Touchback are not "positions", they are the results of a play, and they do have opposite definitions at this time. A Safety is scored when the offense is tackled in the endzone and awards the defense two points, and the ball. A touchback is declared when the defense takes possesion of the ball (by interception, fumble recovery, punt, or kickoff) in their own endzone and elects not to try to return the ball upfield. A touchback awards the ball to the receiving team at their own 20 yard line. Own in football describes the side of the field the team is defending. You score points in the opponents endzone.

What are health and safety arrangements for soccer?

There are many types of health and safety rules in association football, 1 of the main one's that if you disobey you could be sent off or even severely banned from football, and that is contact with the opposite players, for example; you can slide tackle but you cant directly aim to get the legs.

Why did john Stevens do and say about the hawaiian situation?

I would asume you mean US Minister John Stevens (1820-1895) He was the person who requested that a US Flagged warship make it's way to Hawaii. It was while the warship, USS Boston, was in port at Honolulu Harbor, and with the help of the detachment of US Marines assigned to the vessel, that the Honolulu Rifles, the Committee of Safety, and members of the Queens royal cabinet overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy.

How do you take bolt off of Stevens 325-c for cleaning?

pull the bolt back as if you were ejecting a round,make sure the safety is off ( in the up position), hold the trigger back and continue sliding the bolt back until it clears the reciever

What are all the possible ways a football team could earn 12 points?

6 safety's., 1 TD no extra point two fgs, Two TD no extra pts, 4 , 2 fgs and 3 safety's. Really odd ones - 1 TD with extra pt two safety's and blocked extra or returned by defense to opposite end zone is 1 pt , 12 blocked extra pts returned 3 fg a safety and blocked pt. etc etc etc