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Its possible yes. Basically you can become pregnant any time you have sex.

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Q: Still now am using condom now i want to get pregnant is it possible to get pregnant at the first time of intercourse without condom?
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When is the best time to have intercourse without a condom?

When your partner is pregnant

What should a girl do i she had intercourse with her bf wthout condom will she get pregnant n if she does wht should she do?

If a girl has intercourse without a condom, chances are good that she will get pregnant. If she does and she is scared she can go to a Planned Parenthood office for help or talk to her doctor.

Can you have sexual intercourse without getting the girl pregnant?

sometimes, protect yourself, condom birth control

Can your girlfriend be pregnant after the first time you did it without a condom?

Absolutely ! ANY unprotected intercourse can result in pregnancy !

Is it possible that you can be pregnant if a guy comes inside a condom but the condom came off inside you?

Yes, very possible. Especially if the condom is a regular condom without any spermicides.

How can you have intercourse without becoming pregnant?

condom and birth control.......... but just to be safe pull out b4....... well you know

Can you get a girl pregnant without using a condom when she is on her period?

its possible that could happen

What is the best time to have intercourse and not get pregnant?

Anytime with a condom and the pill

How can a female get pregnant if there is condom used?

A female cannot become pregnant if a condom is used providing the condom does not rip, tear of fall off during intercourse.

How easy is it to get pregnant when wearing a condom?

It is not easy to become pregnant while wearing a condom. You cannot become pregnant while wearing a condom unless the condom rips, tears or falls off during intercourse.

Can one get pregnant through a finger?

no. you cant. u can only get pregnant if u have sex without a condom or if u have sex with a condom but the condom has a hole , rip or tear in it. ALWAYS HAVE SAFE SEX. btw, fingering is oral sex. u can only get pregnant through intercourse.

Can you test positive for THC from having intercourse with someone who smokes?

If the intercourse is regular, and you are receiving ejaculate form a smoker into your body without a condom, it is possible, Yes.

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