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The story of Athena's birth: When Zeus was warned that if his wife Metis had a son, that he would overthrow his father, Zeus swallowed Metis. Later, Zeus got a terrible headache. Hephaestus, the god a blacksmiths, opened up Zeus's skull and out came Athena, fully grown and dressed in armor.

The story of Arachne: Arachne was a young maiden who weaved beautifully. One day she bragged that she was better than Athena, the goddess of weaving. Angered, Athena visited Arachne in the disguise of a old woman. She told her to take back what she said and honor Athena as the greatest weaver. Arachne refused to and challenged the goddess to a contest. In fury, Athena threw off her disguise and excepted the girl's challenge. Athena weaved a glorious tapestry showing the Olympian gods in all of their glory. Arachne also weaved a flawless tapestry, but it mocked Zeus and all of his wives. In outrage Athena tore apart Arachne's tapestry. The scared Arachne tried to hang herself, but before she could, Athena turned her into a spider.

The story of the contest for Athens: Both Athena and Poseidon wanted to be the patron god of the newly found Greek city. So they decided whoever gave the best gift to the people of that city would have it. Poseidon gave them a spring, but it was salty like the sea. Athena gave them the first olive tree. Athena's gift was judged as the better, since it gave food, oil, wood, and shade. Then the people named their city Athens, after their patron goddess.

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Athena is involved in all except?

Athena is not involved in stories involving Chinese mythology.

What story did Zeus tell Athena?

He has told her many stories :)

What are some titles of Poseidon stories and myths?

CITY OF ATHENS, between him and Athena. idk if that's the title but type it in Google

What was the greek goddess Athena's appearance?

Most stories agreed that Athena could change her appearance at will, with the only constant feature being her gray eyes.

What is Greek for Athena?

the greek name for Athena is Athena or Athene.

Were Artemis and Athena rivals?

Kind of. Some stories make it seem like they are friends (they are both strong virgin goddesses), but some make it seem like they are competitive with each other. It's varied whether Athena or Artemis is Zeus's favorite daughter (most of the time it is Athena) and if Artemis or Athena is the strongest goddess (most of the time it is Artemis). Since they are a little similar, it would make sense that they would each try to be the better of the two.

Who was the the temple of Athena Nike for?

To honor Athena the Godess. To honor Athena the Godess.

What is Athena a goddess of?

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and warfare.

Was Athena in love?

Athena had no lover.

Who is older Athena or Aphrodite?


Who was older Athena or Hercules?


Who is stronger the phoenix or Athena?


What was Athena actions?

what is athena actions

How did Athena get the nickname Pallas Athena?

Athena and her companion Pallas were sparring with spears, when Athena accidently killed Pallas. As a sign of mourning for her lost friend, Athena placed Pallas' name in front of her ownher own: Pallas Athena.

What is the famous temple to Athena in the Acropolis?

The Parthenon, dedicated to Athena Parthenos = Athena virgin.

Who carved the great statue of Athena?

The Athena Parthenos and the Athena Promachos were made byPhidias.

What is the birth name of Athena Scarola?

Athena Scarola's birth name is Athena Lynn.

Is Athena trustworthiness?

Athena is trustworthy. In my opinion, Athena is very pitiful. When Arachne was about to hang herself, Athena took pity on her and turned her to a spider.

Did Poseidon have a crush on Athena?

No Poseidon did not have a crush on Athena. Athena was the niece of Poseidon, her father was Zeus the brother of Poseidon. Athena was a virgin goddess.

Who is Athena the goddess greek name?

The Greek name of the Greek goddess Athena is Athena. In Roman mythology the goddess Athena was associated with Minerva.

Where is the Athena Public Library in Athena located?

The address of the Athena Public Library is: 418 E Main St, Athena, 97813 0450

Who was Athena married to?

Athena was married to no one

Who was born first Ares or Athena?


Did Athena have children?

No. Athena was a virgin goddess.

Did Athena have a sister?

No. Athena was an only child.