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A golden orb weaver spider has striped legs and a white sword shape on its back. This spider is found in most of the United States.

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What kind of lizard has a black and white striped back?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five-lined_skink for more info.

What is a spider with 4 white dots on its back and striped legs?

The correct answer is an Orb-Weaving Spider of the genus Araneidae.

What is a striped skunk?

Most skunks are of two colors. This is usually black and white, but can be light brown and white or just white. The striped skunk is a black color with a white stripe going from the nose down to the tip of the tail along the back.Some have twin stripes that parallel down the back to the tip of the tail.

What spider has a white heart shape on its back?

The bold jumper is a black spider with white dots on its abdomen that can resemble the shape of a heart. These are common in North America.

What kind of spider has a red head and back and black and white striped legs?

It can be hard to tell what kind of a spider you are looking at that has a red head and back and black and white striped legs, since the body type is also an important factor. Chances are that it is a red-headed jumping spider, which can cause a somewhat painful bite but is not otherwise dangerous to humans.

What is a black spider with white striped legs and a white spot on its back about 12 inch diameter?

bold jumper spiderI believe you meant 1/2 inch...or the Daring Jumping Spider...

Does an eagle have a v mark on its back?

The Verreaux's (Black) eagle has a distinctive white V shape on their backs.

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What spider hs black and white striped legs with a red body with three dots and a cross on its back?

A black widow its a very poisonis spider , it can even cause DEATH!!!!!

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What kind of spider is brown and fuzzy with a white cross on its back?

The European Garden Spider (Cross Spiders), among others, has dots on its back arranged in a cross shape.

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