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Did you know that poo comes out of ones bum?

Wee... Now there are two different types of wee. The wee that comes out your body and the wii that you play on. Wee is stored in ones bladder. This is inside the body however the wii is extremely fun to play on so go buy one!

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Q: Subdivisions of science as physical science?
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What are the Subdivisions of physical science?

physical and science

What are the subdivisions of science?

what are the subdivision of life sciemce

What are the 5 subdivisions of earth science?

Five subdivisions of Earth Sciences are:Molecular and Cellular BiologyBiodiversity and Evolutionary BiologyEvolutionary Earth ScienceGeodynamicsEnvironmental Earth Science

What are the 3 branches of pure science?

The 3 branches of science is life science, physical science and earth science.The life science, known as biology, deals with all living things. It studies the behavior, history, and developement of living organisms. The french naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck introduced the term 'biology' in the 1800s. Some of the subdivisions of life science are the Botany, Zoology, Genetics etc.Physical science deals with the science of matter and energy. Some of its subdivisions are Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy.Earth science is sometimes considered as a part of physical science, but now it stands apart as the earth faces more and more critical problems. Earth science is firther subdivided into specific fields of studies, some of which are Geology, Paleonthology, Oceanography, Meteorology and Petrology.

What is light life science or physical science?

physical science

Is physics life science or physical science?

It is physical science.

Is cosmology life science or physical science?

It is physical science.

What else in life deals with physical science?

A fair hint towards this is given in the green panel of the Wikianswers Science heading, and the various subdivisions given below that.Some have narrower definitions, for example Ernest Rutherford said "There is Physics, and all the rest are just stamp collecting."

Is thermodynamics a physical science life science earth science or none?

A physical science as thermal properties are physical properties.

Is magnetic force part of earth science or physical science?

Physical Science.

Is earth science a physical science?

No earth science is not a physical science because earth science is when it invuolidwith trees and nature physical science is when you deal with gas and fire and iron

What are the sciences related to physical science?

that they are both science but in physical science they talk about physical changes and chemical changes