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subject matter of a novel is the topic on which the novel is based..

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Q: Subject matter of a novel
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What are serialised novels?

compilation of articles written on several issues in order to make it subject-matter of a novel.

What is a sentence for anonymous?

As the subject matter of the novel was extremely controversial, even treasonous the author preferred to remain anonymous.

How many pages does Dark Matter - Zeh novel - have?

Dark Matter - Zeh novel - has 384 pages.

How many pages does Dark Matter - Paver novel - have?

Dark Matter - Paver novel - has 256 pages.

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The ISBN of Dark Matter - Zeh novel - is 3-89561-431-9.

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The ISBN of Dark Matter - Paver novel - is 978-1-409-123781.

What is the subject-matter of phonetics?

The subject-matter of phonetics.

What is the Subject matter of Anthropology?

Discus on the subject matter of Anthropology

What is psychology and subject matter of psychology?

the subject matter is how do you get lost

What is a subject matter?

Subject matter is what an art work has been created about. For example if you were to have a painting of a cow, then the subject matter is a cow.

How do the paintings compare in terms of their subject matter?

how do the paintings compare in terms of their subject matter

Is matter object?

no, Matter is subject . . .

What is the subject of the poem does it matter?

The subject in the poem "Does It Matter" by Siegfried Sassoon is "you."

What are the 6 types of subject matter jurisdiction?

typs of subject matter?

What is the subject matter of industrial psychology?

subject matter of industrial psyclogy

What type of novel people must like?

People can like any type of novel, it is a matter of personal taste

What does subject matter mean in art?

Subject matter means what the painting is about and what it represents.

What is the relationship between learner and subject matter?

The learner learns the subject matter

What is the meaning of 'deep into the matter'?

When you look "deep into the matter," you do not take the subject matter at face value. Instead, you examine the subject matter upon an empirical basis. That is, you apply the scientific method to the subject matter.

What is the best novel in English?

That would be a matter of opinion and personal taste.

What is the subject matter?

subject matter is what the person works about. For example an artist, what the artist paints about

Definition of subject matter in poetry?

The topic of the poem or what the poem is about is referred to as the subject matter.

What was the subject matter of William Morris artwork?

the subject matter of his artwork was birds and flowers .