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Claudia was a good detective. (detective name Claudia)

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1. Roy seems happy.


2. Raph is tall and handsome.


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Q: Subjective complement sentences example
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What is an example of a subjective complement?

A subject complement follows a linking verb and renames or describes the subject. A subject complement can be a noun or an adjective.Sarah Silverman is a comedian.Here, comedian renames Sarah Silverman, so comedian is the subject complement.

What are the example of modifier complement?

example modifier and complement

What is a non example of subjective?

Objective is a non-example of subjective.

What is a pronoun as a subject compliment?

When someone calls on the phone and asks "Is Greg there?", I may answer "This is he." The "he" in that example is a subject complement (note "complement" spelled with "e" after "l", not "i"). "Complement" is a grammatical term for a word or phrase that completes some phrase (and complements the head of that phrase). In the preceding example, "he" completes the verb phrase, or predicate, "is he". "He" refers to the subject "this" and is also the subject form of the pronoun (as against the object form "him"), so I guess that's why it's called a "subject" complement, though, I admit, this part of the terminology is not completely clear to me. It might also make sense to call that "he" a "subjective complement of be".

What is a subjuctive?

Subjective pronouns are used only for the subject of a sentences or phrase.Some subjective pronouns are I, we, he, she, and they.Objective pronouns are pronouns that are used only for the object of a sentence or phrase.Some objective pronouns are me, us, him, her, and them.Some pronouns can be used as the subject or the object of a sentence or phrase, for example you and it.

Is compliment a noun or verb?

The word compliment is both a noun and a verb. Example sentences"Noun: The best compliment to my cooking is when they ask for seconds.Verb: Don't forget to compliment the hostess on the party.Not to be confused with complement, a form of the word complete, which is also a noun and a verb:Noun: The best complement for an outfit is the choice of accessories.Verb: A small salad will complement the entree perfectly.

What are the example of objective complement?

your fit.

What is an example of a sentence complement?


What is a subjective?

The subject is the noun or pronoun that is doing or being something in the sentence. Examples: Mary walks five miles to work each day. "Mary" is the subject; "walks" is the verb. She is very athletic. "She" is the subject; "is" is a linking verb connecting the subject to the subject complement.

What is an example of a Latin complement in English?


What are some example sentences for the word so?

So, you need some example sentences? I felt so relieved to finish my example sentences. The boy wrote, "So what?" as an example sentence.

Is this an example of a objective observation or subjective interpretation Miss Arizona passed out shortly after being brought to the emergency room She was then left for several hours without care?

For the most part, it looks like an objective observation. However, "shortly" is a subjective observation. The rest of both sentences are completely objective, however.