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Farmers use pesticides and insecticides to kill insects that destroy crops. Both of these substances are made from strong chemicals.

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Q: Substances used to kill crop destroying insects?
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Substances used to kill crop-destroying insects?


What are chemicals that kill crop-destroying organisms?


If a famer saw lots of insects on a cereal cropwhy might he or she use an insecticde?

To kill the insects before they eat the crop.

Which insect affect the crop yield?

Insects affect crop yields in several ways.Many crops, especially fruit, are insect pollinated - particularly by bees. So if there were no insects there would be no crops.Insects can damage plants and kill them, or can eat the crops, which reduces the yield.Insects can still eat crops even after they have been harvested.However, the overall contribution of insects to crops is beneficial to humans.

Why there are some insecticide cannot kill insects?

Some insecticides can no longer kill insects because the insects have evolved to be immune to the poisons. Also, most insecticides do not kill insects on contact.

What is destroying the African savanna?

buttswho kill

Can stick insects kill?

No they cannot kill.

Why are pesticides used?

Pesticides are used in order to kill insects. If insects get on some types of vegetation, it can kill it.

Do venus flytraps kill insects?

Yes they do kill .

Does insects kill us more than you kill them?


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Will Grub ex kill insects?

Grub Ex does not kill insects. If you apply it according to the package directions it should get rid of grubs, but not harm helpful insects.

How does pigweed kill?

It shades the crop and kills it

What can you spray to kill plants?

herbicides to kill the plants, insecticides to kill insects

Does rat poison kill insects?

it can even kill human.....

Why does mankind kill wolves?

we kill them for fur and land but by doing so we are destroying them and will run out if they are not helped

Should you kill all insect?

You should not kill all insects...only those harmful insects...some insects benefit for us..some they harm us especially,don't kill ALL of them

How do you kill animal zombie?

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What is in the cacao leaf that can kill insects?

The cacao leaf can kill insects because they contain tannins. Tannins are toxic to most insects like mosquitoes, gnats, ants, and fly's.

How do timber flies kill?

Timber flies kill their prey by biting them and paralyzing other insects. They have very strong jaws which can kill other insects in one bite.

Why was DDT used?

to kill insects

DDT was used to?

To kill insects

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Can antifreeze kill insects?