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last comma before the and is not necessary

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Q: Such as a comma b and c or a comma b comma and c People say the last comma before and is not necessary?
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When using last name first where do you place Jr?

after the last name. before the comma.

Do you use a comma before naming?

Do you put a comma after the last name of a P.A. e.g. Jan Farinato, P.A. or Jan Farinato P.A.

Do you separate the suffix Jr with a comma?

noooooooooooooooooo actually, there is a specific comma rule that pertains to this - A comma would be used both before and after the designations of "Jr." or "Sr.," as long as the sentence continues. If the designation is at the end of the sentence, then a comma is used only before it.

Do you have to put an and after the last comma in a list?

You can use ", and" or just "and" but not just a comma.

Do you use a comma before the last and?

that would depend on if you have listed three or more nouns , pronouns before it. if it is exactly three, it doesn't matter.

Do you use a comma before the word please when it's the last word in a sentence?

Not necessarily. Only use a comma when the final please is a request. For example, we say Do as you please; but Sit down, please.

Is there a comma after the last name and II?


Should you put a comma when the sentence begins with yesterday or last night?

No comma needed.

Is the comma before or after but?

Punctuation is dictated by the meaning of your sentence, not by the presence of particular words. A comma indicates a brief pause. Say your sentence aloud, and where you find that you naturally pause briefly, you will probably find that a comma is appropriate. Other people may punctuate the same sentence differently. That is not necessarily wrong. A lot depends on the context: whether it is formal, informal, written, spoken, and so on. Here are some examples: 'There was nobody in the house but my mother.' (No comma) 'I like cheese, but my sister can't stand it.' (Comma before 'but') 'I would prefer you to stay at home but, if you do go out, please wear a warm coat.' (Comma after 'but') 'I would prefer you to stay at home, but if you do go out, please wear a warm coat.' (Comma before 'but') (The last two examples convey slightly different shades of meaning.) It's perfectly possible to have a comma both before and after the word 'but' if you think the sense requires it, but you should be wary of having too many commas in one sentence.

What is the difference between a comma modifier and a comma splice?

A comma splice is the attempt to join two independent clauses with a comma without a coordinating conjunction. For example, "She walked the dog last night, today she fed it."

What is the final serial comma and should you use it in your writing?

The final serial comma, also known as the Oxford comma, is the comma used before the conjunction in a list of three or more items. Whether to use it in your writing is a matter of style and preference. Some style guides, like AP style, do not require its use, while others, like MLA style, recommend using it for clarity.

Proper use of commas when listing?

Commas should be used after the first term, stopping at the "and" of the last term, if you don't use oxford commas. For example: There was a dog, cat, bird, fish and monkey. If you do use oxford commas, the comma goes before the and, as well: There was a dog, cat, bird, fish, and monkey. You never use the comma before the last term.