Super sayian 4 on burst limit?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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No, BURST LIMIT is going to be just like Budokai one. That means they are only making Super Saiyan for Goku and the only one who can go Super Saiyan 2 is Gohan. Still it's going to be an awesome game, because it has support characters, what-if-scenarios, oh and broly and bardock.

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Q: Super sayian 4 on burst limit?
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How many levels of super sayian can goku ascend?

Goku can go Super Sayian Stage 1, Then Ascended Super Sayian or Above Super Sayian Stage 2 but below Super Sayian 2 Stage 3, Stage 4 is Super Sayian 3, Stage 5 is Super Sayian 4!

Will there be a Super Sayian 4 in Dragon Ball Ultimate Tenkaichi?

yes there will be a super sayian 4 gogeta.

Is there super saiyan 4 in dragon ball z burst limit?


What episode does vegeta turn to super sayian 4?

Vegeta turns super sayian in episode 59 of Dragonball gt

Can goku junior become a super saiyan 4?

yes if he can turn super sayian and super sayian 3 cause when goku turn great ape he also turn into a super sayian at the same time but if goku jr wants to become super sayian 4 then he has to remember something to calm him down when he is in great ape form

Is there super sayian 12?

the highest level of super sayian is 4

How many super saiyan levels is there for Goku in dragon ball burst limit?


Did trunks ever turn into super sayian 4?


Is there a super sayian 4 gohan?

no gohan never reachs the level of super sayian 4 or 3. He never became as strong as goku and vegeta because he stoped training.

How do you unlock super sayian 4 goku?

Depends on which game you are talking about?

Why is there no super saiyan 5 in Dragon Ball Z?

Because there is no Super Saiyan 4 so how can there be a 5? Exactly Tquentin:yes there is a super saiyan 4 but it is in dbgt becuase super sayian 5 is only fanmade, not offcial. only akira toriyama can offcially have a super sayian 5

When will Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit 2 come out?

not for a while , now reviews have even come out yet i hope they do though burst limit doesent have enough characters even if burst limit doesn't have enough characters the graphics are sick -they really should keep the great graphics. i love that glow that super saiyan gives off, imagine super saiyan 4