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Force of Inertia

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Q: Suppose you are riding as a passenger in a car when the car stops suddenly What pushes you forward?
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How does man walk?

When we walk on the ground our foot pushes the ground backward, and in return, the ground pushes our foot forward. The forward reaction exerted by the ground pushes our foot forward. The forward reaction exerted by the ground on our foot makes us walk forward.

What does the wheel of a steamboat do?

It pushes the boat forward.

What is the word for something that keeps you going and pushes you forward?


What is the voluntary contraction of muscles that pushes food forward?


What is the name of the force that pushes agisnt an aireplane as it tries to move forward through the aire?

'Thrust' pushes against it from the rear, and 'drag' pushes against it from the front.

Why does your body go flying forward?

the presure pushes you foward or backward

What is the force produced by expansions of gases that pushes a rocket forward?


What pushes the plane forward?

The plane is propelled forward by its engines, which generate thrust by expelling exhaust gases at a high velocity. This thrust creates a force that pushes the plane through the air and allows it to overcome drag and move forward.

What happens when the bicycle rider pushes down on the pedal?

If the rider pushes down on the forward side, the top run of the chain goes tight, the rear Wheel begins to turn and the bike starts to move forward.

Why does a person move forward when he or she pushes on the sidewalk?

When a person pushes against the sidewalk, they exert a force in the opposite direction. According to Newton's third law of motion, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means the sidewalk exerts an equal and opposite force on the person, propelling them forward.

Rotating filament present in some bacteria that pushes the cell forward?


How does the helicopter get its lifting force?

the helicopter pushes forward when the pilot pushes the cyclic control forward. that rotates the blades forward . while pushing forward on the cyclic, the pilot must also pull up on the collective control. that will add pitch to the blades, thrusting the helicopter forward.