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Symptons of anorexia?



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There are many signs / symptoms of anorexia. Some common ones are...

*Weight loss, protrufing bones

*Hair loss

*Discolored nails

*Dry, flaky skin

*Pale skin color

*Weakness, fatigue

*Dizziness, fainting



*BDD (Body Dismorphic Disorder)

*Heart murmur

*Lack / Shortened attention span

*Constant fidgeting

*Minimal food intake

*Odd food habits

*Dressing in layers

*Mood swings

*Behavioral changes

*Low self-esteem, low body-image

*Constant, excessive exercising

*Defensive about weight / food

*Purging, laxative abuse

*Organ malfunction, failure

*Breathing difficulties

*Feeling cold (often when others are not), increased risk of hypothermia

*Loss of menstrual cycle (in women)

*Lack of sex drive (in men)

*Heart problems, malfunction, failure