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The legal synonym of "Rent to Own" is "Lease with Option to Purchase". It is a contract or agreement between a property owner and a lessor/buyer to lease a property for a certain period of time, after which the lessor/buyer has the option to purchase the property.

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What is a synonym for borrow?

rent, hire

Do people rent or own houses in Australia?

They rent and own houses

Where can I find good rent to own home in boston?

one place to look is

What is a synonym for independent?

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Can landlord rent a foreclosed property?

If it is foreclosed then he does not own it. You cannot rent a property that you do not own.

Do most people own or rent in Chile?


Do most people own or rent in India?

They rent

What is the synonym of own?


Rent-to -own definition?

It means to own something but you have to keep paying in debt.

How do you find rent to own houses?

You can find rent to own houses listed in the local newspaper. Online classifieds like Craigslist will also list rent to own houses.

Where can I find a good rent to own home?

It is good to start with local newspaper for rent to own homes. Also, try out for a list of rent to own homes in your city/neighbourhood.

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What is a synonym for let?

let as a noun - encumbrancelet as a verb - allow, enable, rent

Where can I find a rent to own home in miami?

For a list of rent to own homes in Miama FL you can visit

Who do I talk to about rent to own homes?

Your best bet for rent-to-own homes is talking to homeowners who are selling. Even those who are not advertising rent-to-own may agree to it if you ask them. If they are having a hard time finding a renter, and are also trying to sell the home, they will most likely be willing to do rent-to-own.

Who rents apartments?

People who do not own their own houses or condominia are the most likely to rent apartments. Landlords rent apartments to them.

How easy is it to find a rent-to-own home?

Rent to own homes persist in every local city and suburbs.

Does Taco Bell own their own buildings or do they lease or rent?

they have their own buildinds

Is committee a antonym or synonym?

A word cannot be discusses as a synonym or antonym on its own. A word is only a synonym or antonym with respect to another word.

What is the best website to find rent to own or homes for rent?

el clasificado or craiglist

Were can you rent to own a 3d tv?

i think best buy. I used Rent-a-Center.

How much money is it to rent a Playstation 3?

Rent to own are $7-10 a week

Can you file bankruptcy on a rent to own home in Pennsylvania?

Yes you can file bankruptcy. However the "rent to own home" is not owed by you and is still owned by the "landlord". You can continue with the "rent to own" or walk away. Bankruptcy is an entitlement to citizens for debt relief

Can you rent a car or house under the rent for lease option?

In the case of a car, yes you can. Most car lots will allow you to rent to own a vehicle. In the case of a house, it depends on where you live. Most places do not offer a rent-to-own option. You either rent, or you own. However, things may be different in your area. Talk to a real estate agent.

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