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Synonym for hope?

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To hope for is to long for or dream about with expectancy. So a synonym, or similar word for a hope is an anticipation.

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What a synonym for despair?

The synonym for despair is hope.

Synonym of hope?


What is the synonym for calamity?

The synonym for calamity is adversity or affliction. Hope this helps.=)

What is a synonym for rotate?

turn is a synonym. an antonym is aceleraton.i hope you get it right!;);]

What is main meaning of synonym?

Synonym means a same thing. For example wonderful is an synonym for nice, horrible is an synonym for ugly.Hope this helped!

Is hopeless a synonym?

yes. A synonym for hopeless is despair, which means loss of hope

What is a synonym and antonym of tufts?

Synonym: cluster Antonym: single? Hope I helped!!

What is a synonym for obsequious?

A synonym for obsequious could be: Well behaved. Hope myanswer helped you!:)

What is a synonym for hope that has a W in it?


What is the synonym for misspell?

i hope nobody can answer that.

What is the synonym for duplicity?

Artifice Hope This Helped ! :)

What is the synonym for faced or underwent?

I used the word "encountered" as a synonym for faced or underwent. I hope this helps you!!

Hope for something with the letter W?

Wish is a synonym for hope. It begins with W.

Word in English both antonym and synonym are the same?

Well, the antonym of antonym is synonym, and the antonym of synonym is antonym. Also, the synonym for antonym is opposite, and the synonym for synonym is related. I hope that helps because there really is no other word, they are opposites.

What is the synonym of inhabit?

The synonym for inhabit is living in that environment or that place. Hope that helps :) Ke$ha rox

What is a synonym for hope?

faith or expectation depends on context reli

What is a synonym for candy?

In french, candy is Bonbons hope that helps

What is the synonym for trade?

I believe that it could be barter. Hope this helps!

What is a Synonym for a terrstial ecosystem?

ecological community or biome. Hope this helps

What is a synonym for the word phrase?

Paragraph, word, and saying. hope i helped! ;)

What is a synonym for angrily?

irritably, heatedly, furiously, crossly... Hope that Helps!

What is a synonym for the word trapped?

boxed in, captured, cornered. hope it helps

What is the synonym for determination?

A synonym for the word determination is willpower, resolve, purpose, fortitude, grit, and strength of character. I hope this helps with your studies! Use it well!

What is a synonym for murky?

here are a few:dirty,uncleanly,filthy. hope u like it!!:)

What is a synonym for share?

Split Distribute, Divide Allocate I hope those help.

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