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Tail and dash light fuse keeps blowing on Xterra cant find short?


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2009-02-12 00:45:51
2009-02-12 00:45:51

it is in your towing wires contact dlr i think it is a recall my friends was blowing out all the time. the dlr fixed it for free

That was very helpful !

It was in the towing wire pack for my truck! Being under the truck, it is subjected to a lot of abuse. Although I could not find a recall for it, I cleaned out the terminals well, and the problem went away. Thanks!


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Short to ground or overload in the circuit.Short to ground or overload in the circuit.

Faulty tail lights - causing a short.

If the questioned circuit keeps blowing fuses--replace fuse with a test light--light will illuminate as long as there is current flow to ground (Short) when short is found and removed (bad wire etc,) light will go out

It's because you have a short current somewhere. You need to check the brake light wiring.

its either a dead short or not properly grounded check that out

If you have a trailer socket it might be full of water. Or there is a short circuit in the fog loght cluster

You need to find the cause of the short.

You probably have a short in one of the light assemblies, turn signal lever, or the wiring.

Sure sounds like you have a short in the wiring.

There is a short in the system somewhere. Check all the wiring.

a short is a cut in a wire and it will probally be behind the fuse panel if its for your radio.

You probably have a short. If you can, just connect the wire directly to metal and skip the fuse.

If the main headlight fuse keeps blowing out on a 2002 Kia Sportage, check for a short in the wiring. Also check to make sure there is no moisture in the headlight holder.

Yes that could be the cause. If you keep blowing a fuse, either you have a short, loose connection, too small a fuse, or the circuit is overloaded.

You likely have a short circuit in the rear light harness somewhere.

There is a short somewhere in the circuit.

There is a short in the wiring or the fuel pump has locked up.There is a short in the wiring or the fuel pump has locked up.

sounds like an electrical short. go to an auto electric shop for a proper diagnosis.

If the fuse keeps blowing then there is a short somewhere in the wiring. The best thing to do is recheck the wiring on the wiper motor, switches, and relays.

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