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Earthquake can result psychological, mental and physical damages in health. People might experience trauma, depression and physical injuries after an earthquake.

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Q: Tell me the effects of an earthquake?
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Are there negative effects by a seismograph?

It doesnt tell exactly when an earthquake will hit.

What are the primary effects of Earthquake in Indonesia?

i dont knw yet but can u tell me or search it on google plzzz

What were the effects of the earthquake haiti?

The effects of the earthquake in Haiti was that it killed lots of people and destroyed everything.

What are the effect of an earthquake on land and on sea?

the effects of the earthquake is watching pornography

What a seismograph tell you?

It tells you when if how or why an earthquake is coming. They also tell you what degree the earthquake will be.

In what way does the magnitude of an earthquake relate to its estimated effects?

The Richter scale is related to the effects of an earthquake rather than the energy released.

Effets of an earthquake?

Basically the effects of the earthquake is a big tremor and things toppling over.

What effects did transport have after the Kobe earthquake?


What are earthquake after earthquake?

A small earthquake that happens after a larger one is called an aftershock. Aftershocks happen because the crust in the area where the main earthquake happened is adjusting to the earthquake's effects.

Are aftershocks the primary or secondary effects of an earthquake?

The difference between them is that Primary effects happen during the earthquake e.g. Casualties, Damage to parking structures & free ways. But with Secondary effects they happen after an earthquake e.g. Fire, Landslides & Liquefaction

What were the positive effects of the haiti earthquake?

They became more prepared to deal with them as they hadn't had an earthquake in years.

What is the epicentre in an earthquake?

Point on the surface of the Earth that is directly above the source (or focus) of an earthquake. There the effects of the earthquake usually are most severe