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Very cold but is also very beautiful if you haven't seen it i suggest you plan a trip but try for the summer.

* 1.2 million call it home, including Stephen King. * Entered the Union on 15 March 1820 as the 23rd State. * Area is 35,378 square miles. * Motto is I Lead. * Bird is the Chickadee. * Insect is the Honeybee. * Only State that border only one state, * Only State with only one syllable in its name. * Makes 90 percent of the toothpicks in the US. * Produces 90 percent of the lobsters eaten in the US. * Produces 99 percent of the blueberries. * Area Code: 207.

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How do you tell if your cat is a Maine coon?

Well Maine coon cats are very large and very fluffy. But when they are kittens it is hard to tell. but i can tell you that Maine coon cats are usually from a breeder and don't "run wild".

Can you tell me when Maine was addmitted to the statehood?

In 1820.

How long to drive from Maine to Michigan?

A LONG drive I can tell you that!

How did Maine get its state name?

i dont know could you tell me??

Price of a gallon of milk?

It depends on where you are. In Maine, it costs about $5.00. If you tell me where you live, I can tell you about how much it costs.

Can you please tell me as much as you can about Maine?

Follow interactive link below

Nautical miles from bar harbor Maine to yarmouth Nova Scotia?

Can you please tell me the distance from Yarmouth to Bar Harbor by way of the Gulf of Maine

Why isn't Maine a part of the original 13 colonies?

I don't know you tell me

Where does big nate live?

It doesn't tell you will he lives. I guess he lives in a town in Maine.

What kind of cat is Argus Filch's cat?

Filch's cat is a Maine Coon. You can tell because of the M on Mrs. Norris's forehead, which is a feature that all Maine Coons have.

What is the only state in the US whose name is just one syllable?

MaineMaine and it's "syllable".MaineMaine is the only state with one syllable.Maine is the only state that is one syllable. All of the other states have at least two syllables. There are numerous states that have four syllables in their names.The answer s MaineMaine.MaineOnly one: Maine.MaineMaine.maineone, Maine.The only US State with a single syllable name is Maine.Maine.One.....Maine.Maine has only one syllable.Maine is the only US state that has one syllable.If you include US territories as states, then Guam is also one.MaineThe only state with one syllable is Maine.Must be MaineMaine.MaineIts Maine!One: MaineMaine is the only one.Maine.Maine.Only one - MAINEOne. Maine.

How can you tell the difference of a Maine coon and ragamuffin?

Some people think that Maine Coons can be identified by the "M" on their foreheads. Actually, the "M" is present in almost every cat with tabby markings and many Maine Coons are tabbies. Solid color, bi-color and tortoiseshell Maine Coons without tabby markings will not have the "M". So this is not a good answer as to how distinguish between a Maine Coon and a Ragamuffin.

What is the name of the states borders only one other state?

Maine maine maine maine maine :d

How do you tell whether your cat is a Maine Coon or not?

our maine coon is extremely fluffy with extra long hair at the front like a mane, she has a particularly long and bushy tail with tufts of hair on her ears. They can be a span of colors, from dark black to black and grey.

Is the Maine desert in Maine real?

No desert in Maine.

What are 5 Universities in Maine?

University of Maine, University of Southern Maine, University of Maine at Augusta, University of Maine at Fort Kent, University of New England. University of Maine, University of Southern Maine, University of Maine at Augusta, University of Maine at Fort Kent, University of New England.

What is the answer for rebus puzzle Texas Texas Texas Texas Maine Maine Maine Maine?


Where can I print a quality color brochure in the Presque Isle, Maine area?

In Presque Isle, Maine there is a place called Ed Bristol Advertising and Printing that can give you all the printing services you need. Here is the website to tell you everything about the business and what they offer:

How many miles between Portland Maine and Greenville Maine?

how far is it from Portland, Maine to Greenville, Maine

Can you take your bottles to Maine for 5 cents?

The bar code on the bottles and cans will tell the store whether there was a deposit paid on them. Most of the automatic machines will reject them. And I think you'll find a law in Maine that can get you for fraud if you try it.

Does Maine residents pay taxes?

Please tell me you meant sales taxes... Because if you didn't, then... Thats.... Just... ARE YOU AMERICAN?!?!!?

Maine attorneys must have physical office in Maine?

Absolutely not. As long as they pass the bar for Maine they can practice in Maine

Where is the Maine river?

There is a river "La Maine" that is a tributary of the Loire River in France. There is no Maine River in the US state of Maine.

What does the Maine executive branch do for the state of Maine?

Maine came in as the 23rd state.

Did the colony of Maine have slaves?

No. The colony of Maine did not have slaves because there was no colony of Maine.

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