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Tell you about annuities?

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Annuities are contract sold by an insurance company designed to provide payments to the holder at specified intervals, usually after retirement. The holder is taxed only when they start taking distributions or if they withdraw funds from the account.

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What are three types of insurance annuities?

Three types of Insurance Annuities are variable annuities, fixed annuities and indexed annuities.

What are the types of annuities offered by Nationwide?

Nationwide offers the following annuities: Variable annuities, immediate annuities, fixed annuities and fixed indexed. For more information one should contact Nationwide.

Are hybrid annuities index annuities?


How do you use annuities in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.Their annuities paid them dividends.Everyone contributed to their annuities.

Where is the information on ING's website about variable annuities?

The direct link to ING variable annuities is It is best to look into all forms of retirement planning.

Which websites carry details on ING variable annuities?

You can go to the website and search there. They also have a "Contact Me" form that you can fill out and a registered consultant will get back to you promptly. They can tell you all about the products that INGdirect can offer you, including variable annuities.

How often do fixed annuities pay?

Fixed annuities pay every year.

What are ING variable annuities?

ING variable annuities are annuities offered by the company ING which have variable rates of return. This is in contrast to fixed annuities which offer some sort of guaranteed rate of return over the life of the contract.

Are there any annuities backed by fdic?

No. But most variable annuities and fixed deffered annuities are backed by the State Gurantee Association, which is a government agency similar to the fdic

Can you sell fixed annuities yourself?

You can sell fixed annuities if you have a life insurance license.

Can you sell annuities with a life insurance license?

Depending on your license you may be able to sell fixed annuities. Variable annuities require Series-7 license however

What type of annuity is available from the MassMutual Financial Group?

MassMutual Financial Group offers three types of annuities. They offer fixed annuities, variable annuities, and income annuities. They also offer long term care insurance and retirement plans.

What are fixed annuities and how do they work?

Fixed annuities are like CD's but are geared toward retirement savings.

Are there annuities symbols for portfolios?

Annuities themselves do not have symbols, however, for variable annuities, the stocks that the money is invested in within the variable contract would have the symbols associated with those companies.

Where can one learn about buying annuities?

One can learn about buying annuities from many different places. One of the best places to learn about annuities is the fisher investment annuity website.

Where can I learn about axa variable annuity?

Probably a broker specilizing in annuities could tell you about the differences between Axa and other annuities. Online I would start with the company and then branch out into consumer reviews of that company and others. I'd also research the return on my investment.

How can one get annuities insurance?

The annuities can be received in the form of monthly,quarterly,half yearly, and yearly options.

Can you provide a good guide to Annuities for begginers?

Yes I can provide a good guide to Annuities for beginners. The webpage contains good Annuity information for beginners.

What has the author Stuart Omeron Landry written?

Stuart Omeron Landry has written: 'About annuities' -- subject(s): Annuities

Where can I learn about Annuities?

A great place to learn about annuities is If you want a website that is a government run site, then I suggest using Both these sites will teach you the basics of annuities and what they are.

how can I find out about fixed annuities?

Most insurance companies sell annuities which are usually associated with them. is one site where you can learn about annuities. While these are safe investments they aren't really considered high yielding.

Where can someone find detailed information to have annuities explained to them?

One can find detailed information on annuities explained to them through a life insurance representative. MetLife has extensive information on annuities as does Sun Life Insurance.

What are the best ways to gain the benefits of using insurance annuities?

Insurance annuities is like investing towards your future. There are many different types of annuities, you should choose one that meets your financial situation.

What companies offer fixed annuities?

Fixed annuities are offered by many companies, the top companies are Metlife, ING, Mass Mutual, Prudential, Pacific Life an John Hancock Annuities. It is best to contact at least three companies to compare rates and types of annuities before committing to one company.

What are some companies that help pay for fixed annuities?

Companies such as Prudential, Met Life, Fidelity, and Merrill Edge all pay fixed annuities. Fixed annuities are typically utilized by those who are retired or are about to retire.

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