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The Holy Bible (the Old and New Testaments) is regarded by Christians as scripture and inspired by God.

However, there is a huge plethora of other Christian writing from the early Church Fathers (Irenaeus, Clement etc) through to Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and modern day theologians like Alisdair McGrath.

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What are the texts in Christianity?

The main text of Christianity is the Holy Bible.

What are the major texts of Christianity?

The major texts of the religion of Christianity are the Old and New Testaments. The two form what is known was the Bible.

What are the sacred texts in Christianity?

The sacred texts for Christianity would have to be the Holy Bible, which includes the Old Testament and the New Testament

Sacred Texts for Christianity?

It is the Bible.

What are the sacred texts and religions of Judaism Christianity Islam?

The sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are respectively Torah, Bible, and Quran.

What are the sacred texts for Islam and Christianity?

For Islam its the Quran and for Christianity its the Bible.

What are the religious texts of Christianity?

The Bible is the sacred text, or Scripture, of Christianity.

What are the sacred texts of Judaism Christianity and Islam?

Judaism: Torah Christianity: The Bible Islam: Quran

What holy texts are important in the Christianity religion?

The Holy Bible.

What belief texts are common to Judaism Christianity and Islam?

The holy book is the Torah and the Psalm.

What is the scared texts for Christianity?

Plenty of christians get scared. If you mean sacred, it's the Bible.

What are the different texts between Christianity and Islam?

The Holy Bible, for Christians. The Muslims have the Quran, the hadith.

What beliefs and religious texts are common to Judaism Christianity and Islam?

All three believe that God exists.

Which statement accurately compares developments in Judaism and Christianity?

Both religions developed sacred texts for their followers.

Does Islam resemble Judaism or Christianity more?

Everyone has a different opinion. In my opinion, Islam resembles Judaism more than Christianity in its stricter observance of monotheism, similar texts (the Quran and the Torah, respectively), the language those texts were revealed in (Arabic and Hebrew are both Semitic languages), etc.

What religious texts do the Abrahamic religions have in common?

There are five major Abrahamic religions in the world today: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Baha'i Faith, and The Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormonism) which considers itself to be a subset of Christianity. Of these five traditions only two, Judaism and Christianity, share any sacred texts in common: Judaism's Tanakh is Christianity's Old Testament. Islam considers the Qur'an and the various biographies of the prophet Muhammed to be its core sacred texts. Baha'i takes the writings of its prophet Baha'u'llah to be its core sacred texts. And The Church of Latter Day Saints considers the Book of Mormon to be its primary sacred text.

What lessons found both Hinduism And Christianity Did gandhi admire?

Gandhi admired peace and nonviolence. According to Sacred Texts and Scriptures both Hinduism and Christianity teaches peace and one Supreme God.

Is the Quaran for all religions?

No. It is the text of Islam (Muslims). Other texts such as the Bible and Torah are used in other religions such as Christianity and Judaism.

What religious texts contain the Angel Gabriel?

Gabriel means God is my strength and is known as the angel of revelation. Gabriel plays an important part in the religious texts of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Some texts in the bible that refer to Angel Gabriel are Daniel 9:22 and Luke 1:30-31.

What are the names of the sacred texts of Christianity?

The Bible is the only true standard and sacred text of Christianity, from the first book of Moses, Genesis, to John's final book, Revelations, all the other 64 books in between.

Which religion has best Bible?

The Bible is the holy book of Christianity. Of which there several 'varieties' Some of whom have slightly different versions. Therefore Christianity has the best Bible. Other religions call their holy texts other names.

Are Christianity and Hinduism the most common religions?

Yes, Hinduism has lot India common with Christianity. The law of cause and effect (karma) is very similar India both the religions. Also Sacred Texts state many similarities.

Is Christianity the truth?

No one can be sure about this subject. It all depends on what you believe. A Christian obviously thinks that Christianity is the truth, but a Hindu or Muslim would think that it is not true. The fact is that Christianity can be neither proved nor disporved by any means we have today. All we have to tell the truth are ancient texts that have been translated over and over again.

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Can you change texts when you receive them?

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