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Q: Thanks to product placement deals what struggling brand of sunglasses soared when Tom Cruise wore them in Risky Business and soared even higher when he wore them again in Top Gun?
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What 5 major marketing activities do all business use?

Promotion, Sales, Distribution, Placement, and Product

What makes HD sunglasses different from regular sunglasses?

There is absolutely no difference between HD sunglasses and regular sunglasses. HD sunglasses are a marketing ploy to get consumers to buy their product.

What of these exemplifies product placement?

Product placement is like for instance, in a movie someone is using a iPad. Like you even see the Apple logo.

What are some ways that the media influences consumer behavior?

News broadcasts Advertising Product placement. Risk Aversion

What was the first product placement in a movie?

Product placement dates back to the early nineteenth century although popular culture considers the Reese's Pieces placement in ET as the "first".

What actors and actresses appeared in Product Placement - 2004?

The cast of Product Placement - 2004 includes: Celia Evans as Janet Howard Tonkin as Scott

An example of product placement is when a?

character in a movie uses an iphone

What was the product share of nonprescription sunglasses?

Nonprescription sunglasses represented 4 percent of the total shipments delivered by the industry.

What sunglasses are best?

There are lot of shopping site providing stylish and designer sunglasses. But according to my experiences Shade Tree Sunglasses provide good product with affordable prices.

Which retailers sell Persol sunglasses?

Persol sunglasses can be purchased from Persol stores. They are also available online from sites such as Sunglasses Hut and Amazon. Amazon will also have product reviews.

What is an example of product placement?

An example of product placement is when a character on TV or in a movie uses an iPhone or puts on a pair of Nike shoes. Product placement can also be when a TV episode is written about a particular product, such as the Dunphy family on Modern Family trying to buy their father an iPad.

What are two methods for determining the placement of the decimal point in the product?

When you multiply decimals, the decimal point is placed in the product.

When would a store typically have their closeout sale?

A store would generally have a closeout sale when a product of a certain type is not selling well, store relocations or when a business is struggling and has resulted in bankruptcy.

How does the increase in the number of product placement over the last few years reflect the change business model of tv broadcasting?

How does an increase in the number of product placements over the last few years reflect the changingbusiness model of tv broadcasting

What is the advertising word for showing a product during a movie?

The paying of money to have a product shown or used in a movie is called "Product placement".

What product used the song jeepers creepers?

That was Foster Grant sunglasses

What are the release dates for Reality Show - 2012 Product Placement 1-3?

Reality Show - 2012 Product Placement 1-3 was released on:USA: 15 November 2012Reality Show - 2012 Product Placement - 1.3 was released on:USA: 15 November 2012

What is placement strategy? (or distribution): refers to how the product gets to the customer; for example, point-of-sale placement or retailing. This fourth P has also sometimes been called Place, referring to the channel by which a product or service is sold (e.g. online vs. retail), which geographic region or industry, to which segment (young adults, families, business people), etc. also referring to how the environment in which the product is sold in can affect sales. snowite19

What type of business produces a tangible product?

A business that produces a tangible product is called a manufacturing business.

What is it called when a company pays to show its products on tv?

Product Placement.

What does the p mean on coronation street?

It means there is product placement in the show

What is product placement?

When you are watching a movie and the main character pours a bowl of "cheerios" or you see a bottle of "Tide" laundry soup in the background. Or when someone in a movie mentions something like "Myspace" or "Youtube". That is product placement.

Why are VAIO Sony laptops mostly shown in movies that include laptops in them?

its called product placement and Sony pay the film studios to use their products in their films. lookup product placement on wikipedia

What sunglasses did Mariah Carey wear in her Anaheim concert?

Oakley's Product no. 5840247

where can i find running sunglasses?

You can buy running sunglasses online at retail sites such as Amazon or Ebay. You will not be disappointed with these great sites with the best product reviews and items.

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