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You should not believe in Superstitions.

Superstitions is the product of ignorance among people.

Many superstitions are not true.

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Q: That you should believe in superstitions?
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Can you believe in superstitions?

Yes, anybody that wishes to believe in superstitions can.

Why should you not believe in superstitions?

Because nearly all of them are unproven.

Why peopel believe in superstitions?

People believe in superstitions because they are driven by fear.

Why did Europeans believe in superstitions?

Possibly because they were religious. People who are not religious do not normally believe in superstitions.

Are Superstitions not true?

I do not believe they are true.

Why did people in the 1500s believe in superstitions?


Why don't people believe in superstitions?

Superstitions are beliefs supported only by rumor, not by factual observation. Rational people therefore do not believe such things.

Is it good to believe in superstitions?

It has no survival value. People believe in in all kinds of things which others would consider superstitions. In most cases it does no harm.

What do Muslims believe about the month of Safar?

The month of Safar is like other months of the year. The superstitions associated with this month are totally baseless. Islam does not believe in superstitions.

How do superstitions and haunted houses relate?

They don't really. People who believe in superstitions are more prone to believe in the haunted houses thing than people who don't.

It is right to believe in superstitions?

No, superstitions are an adjunct to religion; if you rid yourself of religion you also rid yourself of superstition.

Why should not believe in superstition?

Superstitions should not be believed simply because they are not true at all. Some are totally fake while others are coincidental at best

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