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Q: The ------ Is a way of saying how difficult it is for electricity to flow?
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What is another way of saying how difficult electricity can flow?


What is a different way of saying it is difficult for electricity to flow?

It is hard for electric charges to get through.

What does insulator mean in a scientific way?

It means a substance that does not conduct electricity (does not allow electricity to flow through it).

Which type of circuit has only ONE way for electricity to flow?

series circuit

Which way in a circuit does electricity flow?

It flows from higher potential to lower potential. simply opposite to direction of electrons flow...

Can diode be used as transister?

No. A diode can not be used as a transistor. A diode allows electricity to flow in one direction like a one way street. A transistor works the same way as putting a stop light in the one way street. It lets electricity flow at certain times and keeps electricity from flowing at certain times. Of course a diode only works when electricity is there to flow just like a one way street only works when there are cars there to ride through it.

Which way does electricity flow?

from left to right. positive side pushes and negative side pulls.

What is different between electricity and electronic?

Electricity is the flow of electrons through a cable. Electronics is set of conductors and semi-conductors (again kind of cables) through which electrons flow in specific way, needed by the machine.

What does I'm in a pickle means?

"I'm in a pickle" is a way of saying "I'm in a difficult situation."

What is the difference between a complete and incomplete circuit?

In the simplest form; The difference between a complete and incopmlete circuit is... Complete means that electricity CAN and WILL flow through it where as with an incomplete circuit does not have the ability to conduct current is broken... Here is an example. -----/----- Incomplete cicuit, something preventing electricity to flow ----------- complete circuit, electricity can flow.

Electricity is the flow of which subatomic particles?

Electricity is the flow of electrons across a conductor. A conductor can be many things, copper is one of the most efficient. Voltage is what moves the electrons. It works like the pressure that pushes water through a hose.

Current and voltage?

The current is the flow of electrons The voltage is the push the power source gives to the electrons to make the current faster. The flow of electrons is electricity HI!! By the way I am amazing! Trust me.