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red and yellow

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Q: The 2 primary colors that make orange?
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What 2 coulers together make blue?

Red yellow and blue are primary colors, meaning they can't be made from other colors. Orange, purple, and green can, though. They are secondary colors and can be made from the primary colors.

What is a ssecondary color?

the colors that primary colors r mixed 2 make primary- red blue yellow ex- red+blue=purple yellow+blue=green and yellow+ red=orange

What are the three primary color and the three secondary color?

The 3 primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. The 3 secondary colors can be created by mixing 2 of the primary colors. They are orange, green, and purple.

When mixing colors what secondary colors are obtained using which primary colors?

For paints the primary colors are Red, Blue and Yellow. To achieve the secondary colors you mix 2 of the primary colors in equal amounts: Red + Blue = Purple Red + Yellow = Orange Blue + Yellow = Green

What 2 colors make orienge?

Red and yellow make orange.

What 2 colors together make saffron?

orange and red

What are the 3 primary colours?

The additive primary colors, or primary colors of light, are red, green and blue. The subtractive primary colors, or primary colors of paint, are red, yellow, and blue The primary colors of printing are magenta, cyan, and yellow. thanx bye

What color combination of green orange and purple will give you a red color?

Mixing purple and orange together will give you a reddish-brown color due to complementary color mixing. Adding a touch of green to this mixture can help shift the color slightly towards red. You may need to experiment with different ratios to achieve the desired red shade.

What 2 colors make blue?

I'm in a professional art class and blue is one the the three primary colors and you can't make blue, red, or yellow because they are all primary your so dumb.;) "No B**** you are dumb because you suck d**k and orange and yellow make red... F*** B****" Dont forget to add me on fb Maya Elizabeth

How many colour you can create from yellow and how?

You can make 2 basic colors, green and orange by mixing yellow with red you can create orange. blue and yellow is green. But to make other colors, just mix in yellow to green to make lime, yellow to orange to make a peach.

Which 2 colours make yellow?

Yellow is a primary color, meaning it cannot be made by mixing other colors together. It is a pure color on its own and is not created by combining other colors.

What 2 colores make orange?

Mix Red [primary], and Yellow [primary].If you put more Yellow in the Orange will be lighter. If you put more Red in the Orange it will be darker.©IronShireRed and yellow