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It was at "Albany." Albany is the capital of New York, so the answer is "Albany."

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It was at "Albany". Albany is the capital of New York, so the answer is Alban.

when two plates converge it is called plate tectonics?

It is called the concept of Biologically it is Plate tectonic. Scientifically it is Converge Belt By Terny Winblock Woods

This is called a convergent plate movement!

They had been called the "Professional Army" because of there well known experience in fighting combat, throughout the American Colonies.

When tectonic plates converge it's called a convergent boundary. Convergent boundaries form mountains and sometimes volcanoes.

Flannery O'Connor wrote the collection of short stories called, "Everything That Rises Must Converge," in the last years of her life. One of the nine stories is also called "Everything That Rises Must Converge" and it is about a college graduate that must live with his mother.

Mainly Southerners called "Tories." they were the strongest opposition to American independence and showed continual support for the British armies.

Because unlike lines of longitude which converge on the poles, lines of latitude are parallel to each other: that is, they never converge.

No. Australia was discovered (by Europeans) by the Dutch, who called it Van Dieman's Land. The great Captain Cook rediscovered it and claimed it as a British territory.

The focal point.Other answersWhen rays of light converge? I think it is called the "refraction." :)focal point ....would be preferredrefraction is more why it changes

When light rays come together it is said that they converge.

The place where two plates converge is called a convergent boundary. This results in a subduction zone where the heavier oceanic lithosphere is consumed into the mantle.

They were called rebels, or more colloquially, Johnny Reb.

The area between the two armies facing each other is often called by Americans as "no-man's land".

It was the Battle of Five Armies. The armies were the humans, elves and dwarves against the wargs and the goblins.

Roman armies were called Legions.............

The Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun game has the expansion called Firestorm which adds additional levels and units to the game. The Command and Conquer Generals game has an expansion pack called Zero Hour.

At convergent boundaries plates come together. In other words, they converge.

The people who commanded the armies and ran the legal system were called Praetors. They were appointed by the Roman government.

This is called a plural possessive. It means belonging to more than one army. Here are some sentences.The armies' uniforms were mixed up at the laundry.The parking lot was full of the armies' vehicles.The armies' teams competed with each other.

It was a mixture of America resentment over British harassment of their shipping, and American desire to conquer territory in Canada.Also called Madison's War, due to President Madison's support for it, he sited the following reasons in a speech to congress:British impressment of American sailors.Violation of free trade.British Provoking of Indian attacks.British violation of American waters.

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