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  • The Carpentarian Antechinus is similar in size to a mouse.

The small Australian marsupial which, along with several other species, comes under the heading of "marsupial mouse", measures about 85mm (including its head and body) with its tail measuring about 69mm. The tail of this animal is large relative to the size of its body (about 80% of the total size of the body). The Carpentarian Antechinus typically weighs in at approximately 17g.

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What is the carpentarian antechinus?

The Carpentarian antechinus is a carnivorous marsupial, or "dasyurid". It is a small Australian marsupial which, along with several other species, comes under the heading of "marsupial mouse", and measures about 85mm (including its head and body) with its tail measuring about 69mm. The tail of this animal is large relative to the size of its body (about 80% of the total size of the body). The Carpentarian Antechinus typically weighs in at approximately 17g.

What is an antechinus?

The antechinus is a small Australian marsupial, about the size of a mouse. It is a dasyurid, meaning it is a carnivorous marsupial, feeding on invertebrates such as spiders, beetles and grubs. Its habitat varies from rainforest to woodland to grassland, mostly in the northern part of Australia. Along with other small species of dasyurids, it is often referred to as a "marsupial mouse", but it is not a rodent.Varieties of antechinus found only in Australia include:Carpentarian antechinusAtherton antechinusFawn antechinusCinnamon antechinusSwamp antechinusBrown antechinusDusky antechinus

What Australian animals begin with the letter C?

CrocodileCrimson rosellaCockatoo (apvarious species)ChuditchCuscusCinnamon AntechinusCarpentarian False Antechinus

What are some Australian animals starting with c?

Carpentarian antechinus (marsupial)Carpentarian dunnart (marsupial)Cassowary (bird)Cape Barren Goose (bird)Chuditch (marsupial)CrocodileCape York rock wallabyCuscusCommon Sheathtail Bat

An Australian animal that starts with a?

Amputa Anteater (Banded Anteater) (Numbat) Antechinus (Carpentarian Antechinus) Arnhem Sheathtail Bat Arnhem Tomb Bat Australian Fur Seal Australian Lesser Noddy Australian Magpie Australian Pelican

How many species of antechinus are there?

There are 10 listed species of antechinus:Yellow-footed antechinusAtherton antechinusCinnamon antechinusAgile antechinusBrown antechinusSubtropical antechinusRusty antechinusDusky antechinusSwamp antechinusFawn antechinus

Are there antechinus in Victoria?

Yes. The Swamp antechinus is found along the southern coast, while the Dusky antechinus is found sporadically through the coastal plains. The Yellow-footed antechinus is also found through inland Victoria, through to the Grampians in the west. The Agile antechinus is quite widespread as well, from the eastern coast through the central regions of Victoria.

What marsupial starts with a A?

* Antechinus The antechinus is a small dasyurid (carnivorous marsupial) of Australia. There are several species of antechinus, inhabiting a variety of environments from tropical rainforest, to open woodland (bushland) to swamplands.

What animals are threatened in Australia?

There are hundreds of animals classified as threatened or endangered in Australia. Some of them are:KowariWestern quoll (chuditch)Spotted tailed quollCrest-tailed mulgaraRufous hare-wallabyBanded hare-wallabyNumbatQuokkaWestern ringtail possumCarpentarian antechinusLong-nosed potorooSee the related link below for a complete list.

What eats an antechinus?

Natural predators of the antechinus are various species of owl.Introduced predators of antechinuses are foxes and feral cats.Larger animals of prey, like the fox or wild cat, eat the antechinus.

Is the marsupial mouse endangered?

There is no actual single species known as a marsupial mouse. Marsupial mouse is the rather misleading name given to various tiny dasyurids, or carnivorous marsupials of Australia. Animals which come under the broad heading of marsupial mice include the antechinus, false Antechinus, planigale, phascogale, mulgara, kowari, dibbler, kaluta, kultarr, dunnart and ningaui.Of these, the following are listed as endangered under the Australian Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.DibblerRed-tailed phascogaleKangaroo Island DunnartSandhill DunnartJulia Creek DunnartCrest-tailed Mulgara (Ampurta)The IUCN has slightly different listings, and records the following "marsupial mice" as endangered:KultarrDibblerCarpentarian False AntechinusSandhill Dunnart

What is an Australian animal beginning with A?

Amputa Antechinus

Where does the antechinus live?

This depends on the species. The yellow-footed antechinus is the most widespread of the antechinuses, and is found in a band from the Mt Lofty ranges in South Australia and the Grampians in western Victoria northeast to Eungella in North Queensland, as well as in a small area in southwest Western Australia. Most other species are found in smaller areas within this range. Some antechinuses such as the Atherton antechinus and the Cinnamon antechinus are found only in an extremely limited range in tropical North Queensland. Only the Fawn antechinus is found in the Northern Territory, in the Top End. The only antechinus in Tasmania is the Swamp antechinus. Most antechinuses dig burrows in which to live, although some species prefer to shelter in hollow logs and tree hollows.

Differences between Antechinus and Southern Brown Bandicoot?

Both the antechinus and the bandicoot are marsupials, but there are differences. The main difference between these animals is that all species of antechinus are carnivores, and are thus members of the dasyurid family, while bandicoots are omnivores. Also, the Southern Brown bandicoot is a single species, found in restricted areas of Tasmania and the southern coasts of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Antechinus, on the other hand, include some 10 species, and are found almost exclusively in the eastern states, with the exception of the Fawn antechinus (located in the Top End of the Northern Territory) and the Yellow-footed antechinus which is found in a small part of south Western Australia, as well as the eastern states.

Where does a masupial mouse live?

The marsupial mouse (also known as the brown antechinus(Antechinus stuartii) lives east of the Great Dividing Range in Australia. It is mostly found in forested habitats.

What breed are antechinus from?

Antechinus are a species in and of themselves, and are not from any breed of any other animal. They are dasyurids, or carnivorous marsupials, and although they are commonly referred to as native mice, they are not related to mice, which are rodents.

Does an antechinus lay eggs?

No. The antechinus does not lay eggs. It is a marsupial, and marsupials do not lay eggs, but give birth to live young. The only egg-laying mammals, or monotremes, are the platypus and the echidna.

How does the antechinus move?

The antechinus moves by both normal walking and running, and with a hopping motion. It does not have elongated back legs like a kangaroo, but it hops more than the brown mouse, with which it is often confused.

What is the habitat of the yellow-footed antechinus?

The habitat of the Yellow-footed Antechinus ranges from dry eucalyptus bushland to moist verges of freshwater creeks where there is plenty of undergrowth and thick bushes. They are also found in rainforest.

Where in the world can you find an antechinus?

Australia. The antechinus is a small, mouse-like marsupial native to the continent of Australia. Depending on the species, it is found in isolated patches along the eastern coast, the far north, or the far southwest.

What animals live in Australia and start with a?

amputaArnhem sheathtail batantechinus

How does the antechinus protect itself?

Antechinus have incredibly sharp teeth. They are quick, adept climbers and can squeeze through impossible openings. They are vulnerable to cats, snakes, goannas, foxes etc, so their speed and agility are their best weapons.

What marsupials don't have pouches?

Neither the numbat nor the Brown antechinus has a pouch.The swamp antechinus develops just a flap of skin for a pouch during breeding season. The kultarr and kowari also have just a fold of skin.

In which dasyurids does the male die off after mating?

All of the Antechinus genus except for A. swainsonii

Some animals that start with a?

Alligator, Agama, Ant, Armadillo, Anaconda, Antechinus, Anteater There are none.