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You are saving 5Rs at a 25% discount.

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What is an amount deducted from the selling price during a sale?

It is called a discount, and is normally a percentage of the regular sales price.

Are Discount points a percentage of the loan amount?


What is the amount of discount if the marked price is 2500 and the percentage of discount is 16?


How do you find the percentage of some thing you got a discount on?

you take the amount of the discount and divide it by the cost of the item, the answer will be your percentage. ex: 10.00 item with a 2.50 discount = 25%

What is the difference between discount allowed and discount received and their accounting treatment?

Discount allowed is that amount which is given by our company to others while discount received is that amount which is received by our company from others.while discount allowedDebit discount allowedCredit cashwhile discount receivedDebit cashCredit discount received

When the discount percent is given with the amount saved how do you find the original price?

Take the amount saved, divide it by discount percentage then multiply the result by 100.

What is Selling And distribution percentage of sale?

This is the amount of the company's sales that is spent in selling and distribution efforts. To calculate, divide the selling and admin costs by the revenue and multiply the result by 100 (all figures can be found on the company balance sheet).

What is discount on an item?

A discount is a reduction of an item price either by a percentage or a fixed amount, resulting in net lower cost.

How do you find the original price of discounted item?

You need to know the discounted price and either the discount amount or the discount rate. If you know the discount amount: Original Price = Discounted Price + Discount If you know the Discount Rate (percentage discount ): Original Price = 100*Discounted Price / (100 - Discount Rate)

What is a discount in finance?

A discount is a reduction of the original price of an item. It can be a percentage or a fixed amount of the original figure. In finance the same principle applies.

Amount of money a company receives by selling its goods?

total revenue

If Sell-Mart is selling a CD for 15.99 What amount of discount will Janet receive if the CD is on sale at 20 percent off?

To find the discount multiply $15.99 by .20 (20%), which equals $3,20. Her discount is $3.20.

How do you find discount?

If you are asking about a sale where prices are discounted. Multiply the percentage (X percent as X divide 100) by the original amount to find . To find the new price, subtract the discount amount from the original price.

What does flat discount mean?

Discount on Total amount...

What does commission in math terms mean?

is a fixed amount or a percentage of an amount of money given to a person for performing services such as selling goods or property, or collecting money.

What is the tax amount in percentage for subway sandwich?

Subway is a multinational company and the tax amount will depend on the fiscal rules of where it is retailing.

What is discount?

discount is an amount deducted from the usual list price

What is the average sales commission percentage?

The average sales commission percentage will depend upon what types of things a person is selling. A good amount would be close to 2%.

What do you call Amount of money subtracted from the sales price?

Rebate or discount.Rebate or discount.Rebate or discount.Rebate or discount.

What is a trade discount?

Trade discount is the discount that is deducted from the source and then the actual amount is shown. The trade discounts are not shown in the books of accounts. Only the cash discount is shown in the books of accounts but the trade discount will be deducted from the actual and the net amount will be considered.

What is a one word substitute for an amount deducted from the declared price?


What is amount of a price decrease?


How do you treat discounts allowed and received in the income statement?

Discount allowed is an expense,take an example if one makes a cash sale and offers a cash discount,it reduces the cash paid and thus accounted for as an expense,a Discount received is treated as a revenue because take an example if one buys goods and pays cash and the person selling grants a discount,it reduces the amount paid and thus an added revenue,the difference on what i paid and what was ought to be paid,its always given in percentage,with set conditions.Types of discounts can be trade or cash both allowed and received.

Nominal discount rate?

A nominal discount rate doesn't take into consideration inflation and other factors. Conversely, a real discount rate would already have inflation included in the rate. The nominal rate is the amount of discount that is state, whereas, the real discount is the actual amount that will be received.

What is the amount that you have to purchase to get a discount turkey?


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