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The Makita Router is a product from an eastern country called Estonia. Makita router is named after a village called Makita which is in the country Estonia.

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Q: The Makita Router is a product from which eastern country?
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Can you put an internet filter on your router?

Unless your router has a mirroring port. So you can connect an internet filtering product (eg: WFilter) to the mirroring port in your router to do monitoring and filtering.

Where can one buy a TRENDnet wireless router?

A TRENDnet wireless router can be bought directly from the TRENDnet product site. One can also find this router at Amazon, Walmart, Future Shop, and Best Buy.

Where can I find a Linksys wireless g router manual?

Usually Linksys wireless G router manuals come with the product. However, you can often find manuals for products online. Otherwise, see if you can borrow one from someone that owns this product.

Is there a product that converts broadband to wifi and if so where can you get one?

its called a wireless router

How much does a CNC router kit cost?

The CNC router kit costs around £150,s plus shipping of £30 pounds from Hong Kong.The product should take up to a week to reach you, if the product does not arrive contact the seller immediately.

How much does a belkin n wireless router cost?

I believe that the cost of a belkin n wireless router would depend on the model and store that you get it from. Different stores carry the same product for a different price. Overall, the router can range anywhere from $35-$100+.

Does anyone make a cordless router for wood work?

Makita just bought out a 18v li ion version, and in the USA there is the porter cable 19.2v version. Ryobi do an edge trimmer, and there are various 'spiral saws' available cordless, but I do not really think they are up to using router bits in spite of the 1/4" collet they supply. HTH Neil

Does the belkin n wireless router perform better then its linksys counterpart?

According to some reviews of the Belkin N+ wireless router, it performs better than other Draft N devices such as the Linksys WRT300N router. Before purchasing either router talk to an IT professional for the product that would best fit your needs.

Is your wep key your product key?

No. Your WEP key is the password placed on the router you are trying to access.

Where is the AOSS button on a Belkin wireless router?

There is none. AOSS is a Buffalo Technology product, not Belkin.

How to Use the Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G?

The Linksys wireless router WRT54G has several reviews online. These are basically there to inform people of the author's opinion of the product. The author of a review should be someone who is not in any way affiliated with the manufacturer of the product. Otherwise, this can form some bias on the part of the reviewer.

How can you access a router switch?

You can access your router using the default IP address it's usually - It might be different depending on the router you have. Read the documentation and use the Installation Disk they provided with your product. It has step by step directions, you can also look for a sticker on the back of you router sometimes it has the IP right on there. Hope this helps

What is the most efficient wireless router for home use?

The most efficient wireless router for home use is the Belkin routers. They are some good routers to use for home. They get a lot of good reviews on this product.

Where can one obtain a Cisco 1841 Router?

There are a number of places where one can purchase a Cisco 1841 Router. These include the websites for eBay, Amazon and Misco. It is an older product so it's availability may be limited.

What is the best router available for someone who is new to wireless?

I currently use Netgear, but I am not satisfied with the product because apparently it can't handle 3 computers. I recommend the new Belkin AC 1200 router from

Where could one purchase a Wireless Netgear Router?

One could purchase a Wireless Netgear Router at the Netgear website itself. Also, several other online sites such as "Amazon" and "Bestbuy" carry this Netgear product.

What is the best wireless modem for Macs?

Apple itself has a product called the Airport Extreme Router, which will work seamlessly with your Mac. If you want no-hassle and a product that is guaranteed to work, grab one of these.

What companies make modem and router combos?

The companies that make modem and router combos are Netgear, Centurylink, Qwest and Windstream. The price range is anywhere from 45.00 to 90.00. Overstock website is a good place to start looking the this product.

How should I choose a wireless cable router ?

The best way to pick a router is to visit a website like It will allow you to go over product reviews and determine which one is best for you. Linksys and D-link are both well rated.

What is the best place to buy a router online?

Because of the every growing popularity of electronics and technology, there are literally hundreds of places where you can obtain a wireless router online. Best Buy and Radio Shack are two of the most popular for this sort of product.

Which one of the following is not a network device a. Router b.Switch c.Hub d. CPU?

no router is a network device using router only we can connect to different networks in a LAN so the answer is CPU.

If you buy a wireless internet router in one country can you use it in another country?

it depends about what country your moving to and if that country intenret service even has wireless routers and if they do whether or not it can be hooked up but i think it can so my response is Yes!

What is the main telecommunications line through the network connecting the major router sites across the country?


Is there a router comparable in speed to a 3com router?

Router 5012 is a very good router or try and SMC router

What is meant by router?

router is a router