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The Most Scariest Haunted House?


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I would think that the Winchester Mansion is one of the scariest Haunted Houses that I've been in. According to reports, there have been many sightings of ghosts as well as evil demonic spirits that engulf the rooms. Personally, it was just dark and scary to me, nothing paranormal. However, as I watched several paranormal shows, there is a haunted hospital located in Louisiana where there were numerous reports of children playing with balls in the dark, as well as nurses that hang themselves near the window. Try looking it up.


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The SCARIEST haunted house is a mansion in Tenesse,America near the roadside!

The scariest haunted house i heard is at 9213 North Desert Earth Pl.

The scariest haunted house movies are The Shining, The Amityville Horror, and House on Haunted Hill. These are classics that set the standard for today's movies.

one of the most scariest places in northern Idaho would have to be the canyon hill cemetery in caldwell , Idaho or the old haunted logger house in mccall, Idaho

its The blood house! its awesome!!

It is the scariest haunted house in Georgia!

i would say the Winchester house

There are several haunted houses in Texas, including Houston, Phobia and Screamworld haunted houses.

the gadston hotel in Douglas , Arizona

Atrox factory in Birmingham. It has the most live actors and takes over an hour to get through it.

The Chambers of Horror Ohio's Twisted Haunted House 1601 S. University Blvd. Middletown, OH 45064

Real ghosts, instead of the imaginary ones that seem to inhabit haunted houses.

It's in Beirut, Lebanon, it's a place in Nahr El Kalb called the old dump house. It's a house where no one dares to visit. And it's known here in our country as the scariest place in country.

This is not artificial it is truly haunted it is so haunted that the cops stay there for Halloween It is in Monte Vista, Colorado. No one goes in, and if they do they don't come out.

You could try Nightmares Fear Factory or Screamers House of Horrors. Links provided below.

That all depends on what you find scary. Whether it be an abandoned house, a haunted house, a hospital, a mental institution, or Martha Stewart's home.

who said there was a haunted house in need for speed most wanted!?there's no haunted house!

There are many known haunted houses in Cebu, specially in the far south and north of Cebu where old pre-Spanish houses still exist.

Barn of Terror in Lynden, Washington is Washington States Premier Indoor Haunted Attraction featuring over 10,000 sq. feet of spine tingling chills.

AnswerRocky Mountain PointAnswer 2Rocky Point is now closed. Nightmare on 13th isn't that great but I believe the best is the Haunted Forest. It's not a house but it's great. It's in American Fork.

aparently (according to most haunted)

yes, it is actually one of the most haunted houses in the world who is it haunted by

13 floors. If you make it to the 13th floor, they throw you out a window!! ps- i would know, i live in georgia, and been there!!

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