The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA says that there is ice on some parts of the moon. What does this tell you about temperatures on these parts of the moon?

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The message is that it's really cold there. As the moon has no atmosphere, there is no atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure has a pronounced effect on the boiling point of water. If the water does exist on the moon and it does lie on the surface in a "no-pressure" situation, it would have to be very cold to remain there under the circumstances.
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What part of the moon do earthlings see?

Humans inhabiting Earth never see the dark side of the moon. Thereason humans can never view this side of the moon is because thetime it takes for the Moon to rotate once is the same amount oftime it takes for it to orbit around the Earth. Therefore, humanswill never see the dark side of the moon.

Who formed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA?

Independent U.S. government agency established in 1958 for research and development of vehicles and activities for aeronautics and space exploration. Its goals include improving human understanding of the universe, the solar system, and Earth and establishing a permanent human presence in space. NAS ( Full Answer )

What part of the moon can you see from earth?

The moon is tidally locked to the Earth, so the same part always faces us. How does this work? It rotates at exactly the rate necessary to keep that alignment. The reason is that gravitational bulges on the moon, caused by the Earth's gravity (moon tides) are attracted differentially by the earth's ( Full Answer )

Why do they say planets and their moons are parts of the solar system?

Because the sun (Sol) has them all trapped in its gravitational field. All the planets revolve around the sun and so all the planet's satellites revolve around the sun, too. There are quite a few more objects that are part of Sol's gravitational field- comets, asteroids etc.

The part of the moon that causes tides?

The moons mass in general causes the tides. Mass has gravity, and the moon is massive enough for its gravity to pull noticeably on the oceans.

Is there a part of the moon not visible from earth?

Yes. The moon rotates around its own axis at the same rate as it orbits the Earth, so it's always turning the same side towards the earth. The back side of the moon can't be seen from the earth.

What part of a moon is a Maria?

The maria (Latin: "seas", singular "mare") are dark areas of the moon that were formed by ancient dark lava flows Any of the large, low-lying dark areas on the Moon or on Mars or other inner planets. The lunar maria are believed to consist of volcanic basalts.

Why can you see only part of the moon?

Sometimes you can and sometimes you can't. It all depends where the the sun is in relation to it. Say the sun was on the left, the earth was in the middle, and the moon was on the right. """""""""" """""" """ (You see the earth spins around the sun and the moon spins around the earth, meanwhile ( Full Answer )

Twilight new moon part?

the film 'the twilight saga's new moon' has all the actors/extras it needs, but Eclipse hasn't been cast!

Was the Moon once a part of the Earth?

Giant Impact hypothesis . The prevailing hypothesis today is that the Earth-Moon system formed as a result of a giant impact. A Mars-sized body (labelled "Theia") is believed to have hit the proto-Earth, blasting sufficient material into orbit around the proto-Earth to form the Moon through accreti ( Full Answer )

Was the moon part of the earth?

While we may never be certain, scientists believe that another planet, perhaps as large as the planet Mars, collided with the proto-Earth shortly after the formation of the solar system. The cores of the two planets probably merged, and a considerable amount of the "splashed rock" coalesced to form ( Full Answer )

Was the moon once part of the earth?

Yes, according to the prevailing theory. The idea is that the early Earth was struck a glancing blow by another protoplanet about the size of Mars. Much of the Earth's crust was peeled away and put into orbit about the now-enlarged Earth. Over a surprisingly short time span, the orbiting material co ( Full Answer )

Is the moon part of our solar system?

Yes, the Moon is a satellite of the Earth and the Earth is part of our Solar System The Moon is following the Earth around the Sun. I think it is part of my Solar System. I imagine it is part of yours, too, unless we've missed a really big signal from somewhere out in deep space.

Which part of Twilight is New Moon?

Twilight and New Moon are two separate books in The Twilight Saga. The epilogue at the end of Twilight explores the opening chapter preview of New Moon.

What about the result on attacking in the moon by NASA space object?

First of all, NASA didn't really attack the moon. They just crashed a rocket into it. The moon has suffered many much larger collisions before and will continue facing them in the future. As for the results, the spacecraft that crashed was supposed to kick up a huge plume of lunar material. The res ( Full Answer )

Are moon fragments part of a moon?

Moon fragments could be part of the moon as well as external bodies that have hit the lunar surface such as asteroids and meteorites.

What are two parts of a moon shadow?

Tthe Umbra and the Penumbra, (Umbra is Latin for Shadow (as in Umbrella). Pen- is Latin for almost (as in peninsula 'Almost-island') From anywhere in the Umbra the Sun is totally blocked by the Moon. From anywhere in the Penumbra the Sun is visible but partially obscured by the Moon.

Is the dark part of the moon cold?

Yes. The estimated temperatures on the moon's surface are: where the sun shines: 225 F (107 C) where the sun doesn't shine: negative 243 F (-153 C) Remember ... there's no place on the moon that's always light or always dark. Every place on the moon is in sunlight for about 2 weeks, and then ( Full Answer )

Why do space programs choose to land their space ships on certain parts of the moon and not others?

The missions were sent to areas that were likely to be flat enough for a safe landing (I think it was Apollo 16 that landed partially in a crater. If it had gone in any deeper the LM would have been too tilted for takeoff) while being close enough to areas likely to have significant rocks... say, a ( Full Answer )

Was the Moon ever part of Earth?

The close similarity of the Moon's composition and the Earth'scrust suggest that they had a common formation. One theory is thata large co-orbiting planetoid struck the Earth after the heavierelements had already formed the core (Giant Impact or MassiveCollider theory). Some of the collider's exteri ( Full Answer )

How hot is the sunlit part of the moon?

According to a survey done by NASA's Diviner Lunar Radiometer Experiment in 2009, the sunlit part of the moon can reach 107° Celsius (224°F). This is much hotter than any sunlight-caused temperatures on Earth (not counting concentrated sunlight in solar power generators). The Moon can get th ( Full Answer )

In which part of the sky do you see the moon?

The moon's axis is inclined at 5 degrees to the ecliptic, which isinclined at 23.4 degrees to the plane of the Equator. That means that the Moon is seen at any declination in the range±28.4 degrees. It can be overhead at any latitude between 28.4degrees north and south. Because of this the M ( Full Answer )

What part of the earth is the moon made from?

Scientists think at this time that the moon was formed when a planet-like object crashed into the molten and still growing earth. The material that got ejected from the molten earth, mixed with some material from the other object, eventually coalesced into the moon. Whatever core material (iron?) ex ( Full Answer )

What causes the dark part of the moon?

There is no dark part or side of the moon. The moon is geosynchronous in its orbit and rotation. The same face of the moon always faces earth. All sides of the moon do receive sunlight every month, When there is a 'new' Moon the opposite side facing away from earth or called the dark sid ( Full Answer )

What part of the earth is affected by the moon?

The entire earth is affected by the moon.The earth is influenced in several ways by the moon, the most important being:- Attraction between masses;- Reflection of light.- The attraction between the earth and the moon has a direct influence on earth's water resulting in the tides;- This attraction al ( Full Answer )

Why moon has some part black?

The 'black' part of the moon is the part of the moon over which the shadow of the earth falls. We have 'night' on Earth because our planet spins. As it spins, every 24 hours, we spend half of our time on the side which the sunlight can reach, and the other half on the side where sunlight cannot re ( Full Answer )

What makes part of the moon dark?

You see, that part is the side of the moon that isn't facing the sun. Since it isn't facing the sun, no light touches it. Thus, it looks dark, considering the moonlight is really a reflection of sunlight that bounces of the moon.

Was the moon part of the earth once?

The best current explanation for the moon is that it formed form the debris flung out when a body the size of Mars impacted the proto-Earth.

What are the dark flat parts on moon?

Luna's (Earth's moon's) apparent dark spots are giant "dust puddles." They are areas with large collections of dry sediment. Such things are best avoided, since they can be very deep, and therefor deadly.

What part of speech is moon?

In its standard meaning, "moon" is a noun. In vulgar slang, "moon" can also be used as a verb, meaning to make a particular kind of vulgar gesture.

Why do we only see part of the moon?

It might surprise you to know that half of the Moon is ALWAYSilluminated by the Sun's rays, but you need to be in the rightplaces in space to see it all the time. Here on Earth the amount ofthe Moon we can see depends on the angle between the Sun, Moon andEarth. When the Moon is closer to the Sun th ( Full Answer )

Why did Congress create the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)?

The National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 (Pub. L. 85-568)had eight objectives: . The expansion of human knowledge of phenomena in space and theatmosphere; . The improvement of the performance, usefulness, safety, speed,and efficiency of aeronautical and space vehicles; . The development and ( Full Answer )