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Rococo-style. ----- The first case = the house was built in this style. "Rococo-styled" = the already-built house was made to look like a Rococo building.

The hotel lobby was a very elaborate and elegant rococo style.

The rococo style of art emerged in France in early 18th century as the continuation of baroque style. it is also the style of art especially architecture and decorative art.

Jean Honore-Fragonard's style was Rococo style

French art & Interior design.

Rococo or Neoclassical style

Rococo style was very intricate with scrollwork and gold inlay. Velvet fabrics in rich colors and tassel accessories were also part of this.

Rococo is a style of French design and decor that originated in the mid-18th century. Rococo was the last part of the French Baroque style and is characterized by rich decoration and a variety of motifs, incuding deep swirls, scrolls, scalloped shells and foilage. In exterior design, rococo-style balconies are made of detailed ironwork, such as interlacing scrolls supported on ornate brackets. These were a change from classical stone balustraded balconies.

elegance, delicacy, softness, and playfulness

A.decoration based on motifs such as a flower, fruit, or shell.

Rococo is a style and architectural period in the 18th century, heavily attributed to France but was essentially worldwide. It is known for its filigree designs, gilding and extravagant detail.

The chief subject matter during the rococo period was angels. Rococo style is an exercise is excess. It is an explosion of ornament, so the angels depicted are cumulus, fleshy little cherubs with apple cheeks and plenty of baby fat.

Rococo during the first part, later Neoclassicism.

Rococo was the dominant 18th century style in Europe. Towards the end of the century the new style was Neo-Classicism.

Rococo was the dominant 18th century style in Europe. Towards the end of the century the new style was Neo-Classicism.

Rococo was a French style, predominant in the 18th century. Rococo artists used delicate brushstrokes and pastel colors. Their paintings depict various activities of the French aristocracy. Some also suggest a playful or mischievous manner. Unlike Baroque art, Rococo possessed a tone that was more frivolous and less religious.

Rococo refers to a style of interior design that was very popular in 18th century Europe. "Rococo rooms were designed as total works of art with elegant and ornate furniture, small sculptures, ornamental mirrors, tapestries, wall paintings, reliefs, and complementing architecture." ~Straight from Wikipedia.A rococo antique would probably be any one of the above items. :)

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