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The Third Wish by Joan Aiken?

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"The third wish" is a good book by Joan Aiken. It's about Mr.Peters, who had helped a swan escaped. The swan change into the king of the forest and give him three wishes form of leaves for helping him. Mr.Peters first wish is to have a wife who is beautiful as the forest. Soon he found her (Leta) in the river and they get married and lived happy. But later on Leita becomes unhappy, quiet, and sad because she misses her sister. Days past days, Mr.Peters realize that his wife had changed; and had found her by the river with a swan. Leita reveals that she was a swan and she missed her sister, which is a swan. She told him not to waste/use his second wish to change her sister to a human. After that Mr.Peters tries everything to make his wife to be happier as a human, but Leita still had not change at all. Leita still go to the river and visit her sister. So Mr.Peters decided use his second wish to make her happier. He wait until she sleep and wish to make her into a swan again. Then he take her to the river and let her go with her sister/family. Later on people thinks that he was crazy and weird because he talks and communicate with swans. When he die; he was lying down on his bed, holding one leave (one last wish), a white feather of a swan on his chest, and he had a happy and a peaceful smile on his face.

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Q: The Third Wish by Joan Aiken?
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What is the mood of the story The Third Wish by Joan Aiken?

the mood of the third wish was sorry in a way

What is the theme for the book The third wish written by Joan Aiken?

be carefull what you wish for

What is the genre of the third wish by joan aiken?

mystery and magical

Summary for The Third Wish by Joan Aiken?

i have ni idea.

What is the plot in The Third Wish by Joan Aiken?

Hope this helps<3

What are 3 quotes from The third wish by Joan Aiken?


The Third Wish written by Joan Aiken what does swan mean?

a type of bird

What is the setting in The Third Wish by Joan Aiken?

It is in a forest and theres ponds and lakes

What is the climax of the third wish by joan aiken?

when batman fights mr.peters aka the penguin

Who is the main character in the Third Wish by Joan Aiken?

Mr. Peters is the main characters name he isa wise older man

Joan Aiken who are all the characters to three wishes?

The characters that are in the book called "The third wish" (the three wishes) areMr.PetersLeitaRhea

What is main conflict in story the third wish by joan aiken?

Mr. peters doesnt know whether if he should keep Leita as his wife or to turn her back into a swan .

What is the birth name of Joan Aiken?

Joan Aiken's birth name is Joan Delano Aiken.

When was Joan Aiken born?

Joan Aiken was born on September 4, 1924.

Main conflict of the third wish?

There are two big conflicts in The Third Wish by Joan Aiken. The main conflict is Mr. Peters having to decide what to do with his 3 wishes, and the other main conflict is him having to decide if he should turn Leila back to a swan or not.

What is Joan Aiken husband name?


What was the third wish in joan aiken's short story the third wish?

He didn't use his third wish because he died

Who is the Main characters in the Third Wish by Joan Aiken?

Mr.Peters - regular man Leita- wife of peters (she is turned to a human but she was a swan) King Of the Forest- he gave peter 3 wishes to wish Sister of Leita (she is a swan)

When did Joan Aiken die?

Joan Aiken died on January 4, 2004 at the age of 79.

How old was Joan Aiken at death?

Joan Aiken died on January 4, 2004 at the age of 79.

Who wrote three wishes by Joan something?

Joan Aiken

What is the second wish in joan aiken's the third wish?

to turn leita back into a swan.

How old is Joan Aiken?

Joan Aiken was born on September 4, 1924 and died on January 4, 2004. Joan Aiken would have been 79 years old at the time of death or 90 years old today.

What is the resolution in The Third Wish by Joan Aiken?

Mr peters sees how sad leita is and turns her back into a swan with his second wish

Who wrote Arabel and Motimer?

Joan Aiken