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The Third Wish by Joan Aiken?

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2009-12-24 03:40:42

"The third wish" is a good book by Joan Aiken. It's about

Mr.Peters, who had helped a swan escaped. The swan change into the

king of the forest and give him three wishes form of leaves for

helping him. Mr.Peters first wish is to have a wife who is

beautiful as the forest. Soon he found her (Leta) in the river and

they get married and lived happy. But later on Leita becomes

unhappy, quiet, and sad because she misses her sister. Days past

days, Mr.Peters realize that his wife had changed; and had found

her by the river with a swan. Leita reveals that she was a swan and

she missed her sister, which is a swan. She told him not to

waste/use his second wish to change her sister to a human. After

that Mr.Peters tries everything to make his wife to be happier as a

human, but Leita still had not change at all. Leita still go to the

river and visit her sister. So Mr.Peters decided use his second

wish to make her happier. He wait until she sleep and wish to make

her into a swan again. Then he take her to the river and let her go

with her sister/family. Later on people thinks that he was crazy

and weird because he talks and communicate with swans. When he die;

he was lying down on his bed, holding one leave (one last wish), a

white feather of a swan on his chest, and he had a happy and a

peaceful smile on his face.

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