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How does people from south Korea move from place to place?

South Korea is a modern country. People get around in cars, buses, trains, metro, high-speed trains, planes, and boats.

Can you move to North Korea?

sure, if you want to be a communist, and labor for 15 hours a day, be killed or some may think betrayal of our prideful country

What is South Korea like?

Well I am about to move to South Korea So I have been researching it alot. I have read that it is a very chill peacefull place, the people are nice, and the place is just absoulutly BEAUTIFUL!(: Does This Answer Your Question?

What year did Communist forces move into South Vietnam establishing camps along the Mekong Delta?

It was in 1957 when there was a insurgent communist activity in South Vietnam. Guerrillas helped with the organization of thirty-seven armed companies along the Mekong Delta.

What are ways people move in North Korea?

actually you are forbidden to leave or enter without permission of the government but the way most koreans escape is through south koreans tunnel which south koreans build to help north koreans escape in to south korea

What town does the Korean group SNSD live in?

Seoul, South Korea. Oftenly they move into hotels and so because of concerts.

Where was Yesung born?

Yesung the member of Super Junior was born in Cheonnan,South Korea and move to Seoul,Korea and he was born in August 24, 1984 (one year younger than my mother)

Who is army is better South Korea or North Korea?

well north Korea have made nuclear bombs however the country is a very poor country. the soldiers are very short and if they fight against south Korean soldiers it would be a diadvantage for the north Korean. in order to bomb south Korea with nuclear bomb they need planes to drop the bomb but they are so poor that they can move the plane once. also how on earth are they going to feed the soldiers during the war if they are so poor. they have bad missile accuracy so they would lose. North Korea trains the soldiers really hard but their low height would have big disadvantages on them. South Korea are far wealthier country and the country has help from the un especially from USA. Korea's soldiers are taller with bigger and tougher bodies. South Korea has weapons as well like tanks. south Korea is very good at making ships so this would be a big advantage. If the two koreas have war south Korea will get some damage but the victory would be in the south Korean's hands. North Korea has stronger army but would not able to beat south Korea in the war.

Did the Communist Party move over to the Democratic Party?

No, the Communist Party is still around, and the Democratic Party is not in any way communist.

Will a Reduction of Sanctions and Economic aid bring about stability between the 2 Korea's and will move them forward with the Korean Reunification?

North Korea and South Korea are two separate countries, with two different kinds of people, and two different belief systems. North Korea does not want to join a Globalist society, and South Korea does not want to be ruled by a dictator. The only way Korea is going to reunify, at this point, is when the two countries go to war, and one of them dissolves.

How does the weather in Korea move?

Summer Typhoons are usually loop around and then pass from south west to north east on the peninsula. Winter storms are usually Nor'WESTerners.

Did North Korea attack South Korea in the Korean war?

On June 25, 1950, military forces of North Korea attacked the Republic of Korea (South Korea). It was a surprise attack and initially had great success. A flanking move by UN forces under US General MacArthur, landed troops in Inchon behind enemy lines. This forced a North Korean retreat, however, with the help of the Peoples Republic of China the war continued.

During Jackson's term in office he did what?

Jackson appealed to the Supreme Court for authority to move the Cherokees from Georgia.

Why did the US enter the Korean War?

The attacks by North Korea on South Korea were seen as a proxy effort by China and the USSR to extend the influence of communist states. The US was pursuing a policy of containment to limit this spread. When the UN condemned the invasion, the US and other UN members sent forces to assist the South. Eventually this led to a prolonged war (1950-1953) between forces of the US and China in Korea. -- Under the "domino theory" any spread of communist influence, as in Korea, could lead to the loss of Japan or other Asian countries. The US saw the North Korean offensive as a move to expand Soviet influence, and acted in order to forestall aggression elsewhere in the world. The criticism of Truman as being 'too soft' on Communism after the fall of China gave political impetus to US involvement as well. A similar scenario led to the massive US intervention in Vietnam in the 1960s.

How does south Korea differs from north Korea excluding economic welfare?

Now North Korea is totally defferent country to South Korea. The same thing is just langauge and Korean alphabets. S.Korea is freedom country like USA, Japan, France and U.K. But N.Korea is still non-freedom country, do not permit people to move to other cities and listen S.Korean radio programs. If you find similar thing between S.Korea and Japan, instead of S.Korea and N.Korea, i m sure you can easily get more.

How do you give a red rocket?

Move to communist Russia. There the dogs red rocket you.

Is there a peaceful way to change government in Cuba?

No. It is a communist government for the last 60 years and it would take a revolution to move away from the communist government.

What is the legal age to move out in South Carolina?

The legal age to move out in South Carolina is 18.

What caused people in Mesopotamia to move South?

mthey had to move south cuz they were very tired

Can Japan protect itself from invasion?

Long answer Japan has a self defense force. it is quiet large. with over 200,000 active troops. America also has a sizable force of 35,000 troops in japan. If war broke with japan and say China, we would declare war on china and send all our troops to japan and south korea to protect them and as foot holds to move into main land japan/south korea. Basically Japans enemies are close by but also would bring in south Korea and America into it.Short answerYes, very well actually.

Who started communist in the cold war?

it was when john cena was at summer slam doin his finisher move he fell makin communist spread worldwide in your mom Q box area

What was the Red Scare?

a fear that the labor force would move from the United States to communist countries

What are the ratings and certificates for How She Move - 2007?

How She Move - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13 Australia:M Canada:PG Finland:K-7 (DVD rating) Germany:6 Ireland:12A Netherlands:12 Singapore:PG South Korea:12 Sweden:11 USA:PG-13

What times does Korea have its main meals?

Only if my Korean friend didn't move to Korea, I would've been able to tell you. I'll e-mail him and ask!

Do birds move from place to place?

They kind move from place to place when it is winter they move south. And they can move if they chose.

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