The WH Davenport Fire Arms Co?


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I was wondering if anyone knew anything about W.H. Davenport single shot 10 gauge shot gun.. It looks very old and I cant find anything on it at all... Davenport Fire Arms was in operation from sometime in the 1870's up to WWI. In addition to guns marked with the company name they also made guns marked for various retailers. Their guns would be considered "utility shotguns", nothing fancy that attracts collectors, but good solid guns suitable to guard the hen house or put a rabbit in the pot. If well cared for they should still perform their function admirably, however they would not fare well with modern off-the-shelf ammunition as early ones would have been designed for black powder shells and even the later ones will probably have 2 9/16 chambers and should not be used with 2 3/4 inch shells even though they will go in. If tempted to fire one of these old guns, have it inspected by an experienced gunsmith and follow his recommendations regarding the ammunition.


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Manufactured by the Davenport Firearms Co between 1890-1909. Value will be below $100.

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Either WH Davenport Arms Co or Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works.

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You probably won't find a serial number on it, and if you do, it won't help you determine the age. This name was used by Crescent Fire Arms (1893-1930), WH Davenport Arms (1891-1910), and J. Stevens Arms (1920-c. 1948) on guns made for Shapleigh Hardware of St Louis (1868-present).

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Spencer Gun Co was a trade name retailed by Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co Hardware of Chicago. Their guns were made by a varitey of manufacturers, but the patent date on yours identifies it as a product of WH Davenport Arms Co.

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I am seriously looking for one to buy and would also love to see a picture.

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