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Well, it depends how good it is. Brand new, it is usually about 30quid

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$20-$100 about $40

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Q: The amount of money of a Nintendo ds games cost?
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Does a Nintendo DSi have any hidden charges?

There are no 'hidden charges' on the DSi. You can buy some games from the Nintendo DSi Shop, which cost money, but that's optional.

How much money does a Nintendo ds eye cost?

The Nintendo Dsi costs around £149.If you just want to play games on it you ight consider a Nintendo ds lite which cost around £99.The only difference i know of is that Dsi's have a camera and a few other settings.

Does the Nintendo DSi cost money?

yes, $169.99

Does it cost money to have wi-fi on your Nintendo ds?


Should you get a Nintendo 3DS if you have a Nintendo DS?

It truly depends on if you want to upgrade to the new Nintendo system. The Nintendo 3DS is the currenty generation for Nintendo games and DS support including internet gaming are not in use anymore. It will cost you money but if you want the newer selection of games that are only avaible on the Nintendo 3DS, it would be a good choice to get it. However, the Nintendo DS already has a wide selection of games, so if you think that those games are enough, then it is uneccesary to upgrade.

What is the cost of the Nintendo 3ds?

If you get a used Nintendo 3DS, it will cost about $79.99 at GameStop. A new Nintendo 3DS will cost just under $150. The games themselves are relatively cheap compared to an Xbox.

What do Nintendo 64 games cost?

Any where from $0.50 to $75.00

How much does software cost on the Nintendo eShop?

It should be backwards compatible with all DS and DSi games. However there are a few things that can't be supported:Games which require the Slot-2, such as some Guitar Hero games (with the controller)Playing online on a network protected by WPA (old DS games only) won't usually work.The DSi won't support them either, but it's not much of a problem.

Does the Nintendo DSi flipbook cost money?

no, its free on the dsi shop

How do you get software on your 3DS?

You can download it from the Nintendo Eshop (may cost money)

How much money will the Nintendo DSi XL cost?

about 100 to 200

How much do Nintendo ds games cost IN INDIA?