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For apex it's "the market performance of the investment"

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Q: The amount of money you make on the college savings plan investment is dependent on?
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the amount of money from a 529 college savings plan investment is dependent upon?

the performance of the market in which its invested

The amount of money from a 529 college savings plan investment is dependent upon what?

the performance of the market in which its invested

What is the resource gap?

In economics, resource gap refers to the amount of foreign savings. It is also defined as investment minus domestic savings.

What college savings plan is the best tax advantage for someone just beginning to save with a limited amount of years before college?

A 529 College Savings Plan is a savings account dedicated to college or other educational funds by the IRS with a federally approved tax break. You can contribute directly from you adjusted gross income, and through direct deposit.

Can you claim an investment loss on my thrift savings plan?

No. You already got a write off, in advance, for the whole amount you put into the TSP. You can't have a second one.

The amount of an original investment is called?

the amount of an original investment is called

What is the difference between a savings account and a certificate of deposit?

In a regular savings account, the funds are always available for withdrawl. As a result, savings accounts generally have a low rate of interest. A certificate of deposit is an investment for a specific amount of time. The funds are not available until the certificate has matured, therefore, it has a slightly higher rate of interest than a savings account.

Sending a child to college through savings?

There are a number of ways a person can save for their child to go to college. Simply opening a high interest savings account and putting away a small amount each week or month from when the child is young. College funds can also be set up with major banks such as Bank of America.

What are six types of financial institutions?

Commercial banks Savings and loan associations (S&L's) Credit Unions Brokerage Firms Additionally, central banks should be added to the types of financial institutions. Along with these are international institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank

Is return of investment an income acct?

Yes the amount would be a taxable income amount after your return of investment amounts exceed your cost basis in the investment.

Uilizing a 529 Savings Plan to Pay For College?

Imagine a child has opened a letter from the college of their choice and they were accepted. Thoughts run through a parent’s mind of the costs associated with college. If finances are not in order, the next logical question is why wasn’t more saving set aside for this life changing event? The answer is the 529 savings plan.The 529 savings plan is an account started by families in conjunction with state financial or educational establishments to assist in the saving of funds for college. Prior to enrolling into a 529 savings plan, a family should seek the advice of a plan manager or a financial advisor.Types of plansThe 529 savings plan is broken down into two categories, the traditional savings plan and the prepaid plan. The savings plan is similar to an investment model. The funds are invested in mutual funds and can go up or down, depending on the options selected.The prepaid 529 savings plan allows a family to pay some or the entire total amount to a participating in-state public college/university. Conversion rates will be applied to out-of-state and private institutions. The prepaid plan also offers anindependent 529 savings plan for private colleges.BenefitsWhy use a 529 savings plan? The benefits of the plan span farther than just saving for a child’s education. Federal tax benefits allow the contributor to grow their investment while the tax is deferred. State laws vary in regard to tax breaks, so check first.The contributor is the sole proprietor of the funds in a 529 savings plan. All decisions such as date of withdrawals and the purpose are controlled by the contributor. Be cautious since the “non-qualified” withdrawal is subject to a 10% penalty tax.There aren’t any limitations to the amount of money deposited into a 529 savings plan. States may have maximums, but the initial and subsequent amounts can adjust. There is also no age limit on the funds. The person going to college doesn’t have to be of traditional school age to participate.Utilizing a 529 savings plan is an excellent way to pay for college. The benefits outweigh the risks. The contributors will see a lower risk and lower tax implications associated with the 529 savings plan. There are also more ownership and control verses a traditional savings plan.

Should good high school students take out loans for college?

Some high school students will have to take out loans for college is their parents do not have a savings accout set aside for them. Another way to gain money for college is by looking for scholarships and the amount they will pay towards college.